Visa advice workshops


Do you need advice on applying for the Graduate Route, extending your Student Visa, working conditions as a student, or something else? We can advise you on all of the major topics around student immigration at one of our workshops

The International Student Advice Service hosts free online workshops every month to advise students on the Graduate Route Visa, Student Visa applications and issues; as well as other UK immigration topics.  We offer our workshops and immigration advice to all students up to 6 months after they graduate.

Each workshop is hosted by one of our specialist immigration advisers, and includes a question and answer session, so that you are able to get your questions resolved by an immigration professional.

There are several different workshops available, and we offer these according to demand.

  • The 'Graduate Route Visa Troubleshooting Session' gives you an overview of the Graduate Route rules, and advice on how to make a successful application
  • The 'How to Extend your Student Visa' Workshop advises you on how to apply for a new Student Visa.  This includes advice on getting a new CAS, making sure you have the right documents, and the application process itself
  • The 'Work Conditions' session gives you advice on what employment you can and cannot take when you hold a Student Visa and why this is important legally. The workshop includes advice on how many hours you can work during and after your study, and how to show your employer evidence you are able to work full time hours.
  • The Schengen Visa workshop advises you on how to apply for a Schengen visa to visit European countries who are in the Schengen area
  • The 'Visitor Visa' workshop gives advice on applying for a Visitor Visa for the UK. This is helpful for assisting your family to make a successful visa application to visit you or attend your graduation ceremony, or if you need to apply for a Visitor Visa for yourself, to attend your own graduation ceremony

The best and immediate way to register your attendance is to use the booking link. If you are unable to access your university account, email your Student ID number and chosen workshop date to: and we will confirm your place and send you joining instructions.

Workshop dateWorkshop typeDayStart TimeEnd timeBooking Link
Working Conditions Session
Graduate Route Troubleshooting Session
27.03.24How to Extend Your Student VisaWednesday14.0015.30N/A
10.04.24Guidance & Advice Workshop for Students with Visas Expiring Shortly After Submitting Final WorkWednesday14.0015.30Booking Link
17.04.24Graduate Route Troubleshooting SessionWednesday14:0015:30Booking Link
25.04.24Working Conditions SessionThursday14:0015:30Booking Link