Advisory board

The Generator has an external advisory board comprised of members of the local business community.

Generator Advisory Board

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Ella Weinberg (Chair)

Ella is an award-winning finance expert and entrepreneur. She supports many individuals as well as hosting successful workshops for both individuals and corporations while being a contributing author to magazines and publications in her field.

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Christofi Christou

Christofi is responsible for leading the Economic Inclusion approach, working to facilitate programmes that support improved economic outcomes across enterprise, employment, training, skills, new business and social value for Peabody residents and the communities in which they reside. Working in a strategic capacity, he develops and maintains partnerships with relevant, influential, borough based, pan-London and national organisations across the public, voluntary and private sectors to support the availability and accessibility of local services and opportunities.

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Joey Spenser-Campbell

Joey is a business, wealth and insurance manager for Santander UK.

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Artjom Jekimtsev

An ex-Tesla who helped build the UK market from the ground up. Previously been responsible for leading cross-functional teams including enterprise-wide initiatives related to the new market development and international expansion at TeeApex. Currently, a Founder & CEO of Drovo.

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Yoma Kukor

Yoma is the co-founder of Vendoir, a YouTuber with a proven talent for aligning business strategy and objectives with established business development and customer service management paradigms to achieve maximum operational impacts with minimum resource expenditures. Growth-focused thought leader with a record of devising effective methods to improve operations, customer experience and sales, as well as for cultivating strong relationships with cross-functional teams, partners, and clients.

Exceptionally dedicated professional with keen interpersonal, communication, and organizational skills, as well as operations management, policy development, and resource allocation expertise.

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Roneish Myers

Roneish is the founder of MoneyHeave, a financial coaching and education company. She has worked in the world of finance for over a decade and attained a first-class degree in accounting and finance in 2014 and held various roles in finance, most notably at Netflix, St Ives Plc, and CPM UK.

Rachel Brown

Rachel has been working in enterprise education since 2013, when she set up a social enterprise programme in a secondary school in Tower Hamlets as part of a community regeneration scheme. She left that position to set up the enterprise programme at Queen Mary University of London, where she co-founded InQUBEate, Queen Mary University's first start-up incubator programme, which was shortlisted for a Wharton QS Stars award for innovation in higher education.

Prior to working in enterprise education Rachel developed her entrepreneurial skills by working in product development for Pearson, developing large scale international schemes for the Caribbean schools market. Her specialist areas of advice for start ups include market research, new product development and business plan writing.

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Hannah Spence

Hannah is a driven entrepreneur, educator, and Teach First ambassador making waves in the social media and education spheres. She is the founder of Clockflower Solutions LTD, a social media business that helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enhance their online presence, drive sales conversions, and engage with their customers effectively.

Hannah's social enterprise, Prep4Prospects, is dedicated to breaking down the barriers that prevent disadvantaged and BAME children from accessing top independent and grammar schools in the UK. Her commitment to promoting diversity in prestigious educational institutions led her to give up her dream of becoming a headteacher and embark on a mission to revolutionize the educational landscape.