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Clearing day advice for parents and guardians

We know it can be challenging for parents to offer support on Clearing day. Get quick answers to common Clearing questions here.

What is Clearing?

Clearing helps thousands of students each year to find university places. It is useful in a range of situations.

Some examples are that students may have:

  • missed out on their offers due to exam results.
  • changed their mind about what or where they want to study.
  • decided to apply to university during Clearing.

If any of these situations apply to your young adult, they can apply through Clearing.

How will my child know if they are in Clearing?

If your child does not receive the grades required to meet the conditions of their Conditional, Firm, or Insurance university offers, the status of their offers in their UCAS Hub will change to ‘Unsuccessful,' and their account status will change to ‘You are in Clearing.' They will also see a unique Clearing ID number on their account which they might need when contacting universities for Clearing.

If your child hasn't applied to university by 30 June 2024, the application must be made through Clearing.

How can I support?

Clearing can be a stressful time for students, however, with preparation it doesn’t have to be. Here are some tips on how you can support your young adult:

  • Have open conversations with your young adult about their possible options and how you can support them
  • Help them make a list of possible courses and universities
  • Note down contact details for universities and relevant departments too (including UCAS).
  • Make sure that they have their details in hand (UCAS ID, qualifications and pen and paper) before calling a university.

What to do before results day?

If your young adult is still nervous after all the discussions and plan Bs for results day, it would be a good idea to distract them from such anxious emotions. Encourage them to plan ahead or even make plans with them, in the days preceding the results day. This will keep them busy in the run-up to the big day, rather than allowing them to sit around and overthink it.

How can I support when they get their results?

If your child has narrowly missed the grades they needed, remind them that it is always worth calling their firm and insurance university choices to see if they are still willing to offer them a place before entering the Clearing process.

What is Self-Release into Clearing?

If an applicant has an unconditional firm offer and they change their mind, they can click on the ‘Decline my place’ button on UCAS and apply somewhere else during Clearing.

Word of cautionPlease think very carefully before releasing into Clearing; if they change their mind, the current university place is unlikely to remain open. Changing universities at this point requires reapplying for accommodation and updating the student finance application.

How does my child apply for a student loan?

Applications for a student loan should be made through Student Finance England (or the regional equivalent in Scotland, Wales, etc.). New students should apply as soon as possible to avoid delays to their first payment.

If your child/dependant has already applied for a student loan but has changed universities during Clearing, they must notify the loan provider about the new arrangements.

We offer a range of support on budgeting and avoiding debt. We also have hardship funds and a new Commuter Bursary if students encounter financial difficulties during their studies.

How does my child apply for accommodation?

The university's halls of residence provide a supportive environment for students living away from home, with 24/7 advice and assistance available from on-site staff and residential assistants who live in the halls. It helps our students make friends and establish networks that enhance their experience.

We offer an accommodation guarantee to all first-year students and can normally provide housing in halls for the years that follow.

How do we keep our students safe?

As well as on-site security teams on our campuses, we offer 24/7 advice and assistance available from on-site staff and residential assistants in our halls of residence.

Why should my child/dependant choose Greenwich?

There are many reasons why Greenwich is the ideal place to come and study.

  • History: we were established in 1890 as Woolwich Polytechnic. We have a long and successful history of education.
  • Campuses: our campuses are very special places to study. They include the iconic Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.
  • Facilities: since 2013 we've invested over £150 million in high-end labs, teaching spaces and student facilities.
  • Careers: we place a big emphasis on work placements to provide vital experience and contacts.
  • Students recommend us: 96% of our current and former students would recommend us (2017).

Does Clearing affect my child's career opportunities?

Not at all. Clearing is a pragmatic way of applying for courses given the change in circumstances that can take place throughout the year - not least on results day.

Many of our former students who entered through Clearing have gone on to successful careers.