How does Clearing work?

Clearing can help you find spaces on university courses in the weeks before the academic year begins.

UCAS Clearing is for anyone who wants to study at the University of Greenwich without holding an offer from us. All you need is your results and an idea of what you want to study.

There are various reasons why you might apply through Clearing. For instance:

  • You've only just decided to study at university.
  • You haven't received or accepted any offers.
  • You didn't meet the conditions of your offers.
  • You've received your results and want to consider new options.
  • You've changed your mind, perhaps after a gap year.
  • You might want to study a different course than you applied for.

If there are spaces on our courses, Clearing can help you find them.


If you get better grades than expected, you might be interested in finding a course with a higher entry tariff. The process can still work for you. It is known as adjustment.

How to apply through UCAS Clearing

  • If you have your results from previous years, you can enter Clearing as soon as it opens.
  • Once you receive all your results, you can enter Clearing.
  • Many people enter Clearing on A-level results day.

A-level results and most BTEC results come out on 10 August.

  • Grades are usually released at 8am on UCAS Track.
  • Give us a call on 020 8331 9000 (or your priority number if you have one).
  • Submit your decision from 3pm via the UCAS website.

GCSE results will be released on 12 August, if you need them for your application.

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