We realise that some students may wish to enrol on University of Greenwich programmes but would prefer to remain in their home country for the duration of their studies. We encourage these students to consider applying for programmes delivered off-campus through one of our collaborative partner institutions which are located around the world.

Collaborative degree programmes are delivered through face-to-face tuition at the local partner institution and students who study off-campus will receive the same degree award bestowed by University of Greenwich as for students who study on campus at Greenwich in the UK. 

Details of our current partners.

At our collaborative partners, students register as students of both the University of Greenwich and of the local partner. Students can be assured that University of Greenwich rigorously monitors the standards of teaching and support at partner institutions.

Student Feedback

The provision of high-quality student learning opportunities to support the achievement of academic standards is the core function of the University of Greenwich, and we also monitor this activity through our collaborative partner institutions.

The University and its partners also consider it important to listen to the student voice when views are given in more informal ways - this may be through Personal Tutor meetings, feedback to Course Coordinators and Programme Leaders during lectures and tutorials or through ad hoc consultations.

The purpose of gathering, analysing and using student feedback for enhancement is:

  • to enhance the quality of learning experiences and the standard of achievement of students;
  • to facilitate dialogue between staff and students on the quality of the learning experience;
  • to provide information to enable the university to ensure that students are clear about their programmes and the expectations of them;
  • to give students an opportunity to contribute to programme development;
  • to integrate the student perspective within monitoring and review processes;
  • to allow students to contribute to the development of University-wide initiatives.

Students should be given opportunities to provide feedback at course and programme level.

Student Representation

At programme level, students should be represented by Programme Representatives who will participate in Programme Committees. These committees consider the quality management of programmes and are chaired by appropriate staff at the partner institution. The timing of meetings are carefully managed to ensure that student representatives are able to attend and participate.

Further information

How to register
Information for international students about registering via collaborative partners.

Keeping in touch after you graduate.