Wolfson Centre

About us

Independent expertise and cost-effective solutions to industrial problems.

Our Mission: To help industry to get it's powders and bulk materials to behave in the way they need them to!

Our Services:

Our Clients:

Industries involved in the processing of powders, particulates and other bulk solids materials from across the spectrum including (but not limited to) food and drink, pharmaceuticals, minerals, renewable energy, chemicals, plastics, recycling, metals, household goods, paper, cosmetics, textiles and rubber.

Ranging from small local companies to international conglomerates.

Our industrial-scale pilot plant is available to test a processing step, or mock up a whole handling process or logistics chain, at full scale or near full scale. This can be used to find and solve the problems off-line, then when you transfer the same process or material to your own or your customers' plant, you can be confident it will work!

Our Experts have over one hundred man-years of experience in solving bulk materials handling problems. Along with a team of Researchers they concentrate on nothing else but the needs of Industry – and are at your disposal.

Our location offers excellent transport links within the UK and EU enabling us to provide a prompt and flexible response to site visit requests and client meetings.

Contact us for advice – don't pick up a hammer – pick up the phone. +44 (0) 20 8331 8646