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Short courses for Industry

The leading place for training in the handling of powders, bulk solids and particulate materials

The Wolfson Centre offers a wide range of short courses designed specifically for engineers involved in the handling and /or designing of equipment for bulk solid materials.

Course content is continually developed to reflect the changes occurring in industry and the needs of the engineer.

Many now offer a practical workshop in the on-site laboratories to complement the theoretical presentations and real-life case studies used.

Courses are to be offered as a mixture of online learning and face to face training. Some courses will be offered in both modes to allow delegates the choice.

If the course you are interested in is not shown below, please ask about the possibility of holding an In-Company course.

If you would like to be informed of courses as they come up, please request to join our database contact us.

Course Calendar 2022

Our full range of courses cover different aspects of bulk materials handling.

25 - 27 October: Overview of Particulate Handling Technology - An introduction to the storing and handling of bulk materials, equipment selection and design methodologies for safe and reliable plant;

26 - 27 October: Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership - Raising awareness amongst bulk terminal buyers of the need to behave in a better-informed way and equipment suppliers to understand the operational needs of the equipment they are supplying;

27  - 28 October: Design of Equipment for Storing and Discharging Bulk Materials  Assessment of storage and handling requirements of bulk materials for drawing up specifications and designing hoppers and silos;

8 - 10 November: Pneumatic Conveying of Bulk Materials - Identification of components of pneumatic conveying systems, system selection and design techniques;

22 - 23 November: Pneumatic Conveying System Design An in-depth exploration of detailed calculations for design of pneumatic pipelines and specifying plant; (Advanced course)

24 November: Rotary Valves; Design, Selection and Operational Issues - An exploration of the different valves and features available;

6 - 7 December: Commissioning and Troubleshooting ‘Hands-on’ Pneumatic Conveying Systems - A look at the practical challenges of starting up systems on site and making sure they work as the designer intended;