The University of Greenwich welcomes students from Canada on its programmes. View the entry requirements and contact us for further information.


University of Greenwich is a popular institution for international students with over 2,500 EU and international students currently studying on a Bachelor's or Master's degree. You can choose from over 400 programmes across a vast range of subjects, including law, computer science and business. With a total student body of 38,000 students from over 130 nations across the world, you will benefit from a diverse and world-class learning experience right in the heart of London.

In order for you to start one of our programmes, you will need to meet both the academic and English language requirements. Below is a list of our standard entry requirements for most programmes, however, please note that some programmes may have a different entry requirement or require further assessment, such as a portfolio of work or interview. Please see the relevant individual programme page for further details.

Academic Entry Requirements

Undergraduate Degrees (Bachelor's)

For entry to our four-year extended degree programmes, you will need to have met the following:

  • High School Graduation Diploma with a minimum 60%

For standard entry to our Bachelor's programmes, you will need to have met the following:

  • Alberta with 75% in 5 subjects Grade 12


  • British Colombia with 75% in 5 subject Grade 12 pref Grade B


  • Manitoba with 5 Credit at 300 Level and at least 75% in 4 subjects


  • New Brunswick with 75% in six acceptable subjects at Grade 12


  • Newfoundland with 80% in 6 acceptable subjects at 3,000 grade 12 or 70% in nine 3,000 subject


  • North West Territories with 75% in five acceptable subject at Grade 12


  • Nova Scotia with 75% in five acceptable subject at Grade 12


  • Nunavut with 75% in five acceptable subject at Grade 12


  • Ontaria Secondary School Diploma with 70% Grade 12 in six 4U or 4M course


  • Prince Edward Island with 75% in five acceptable subject at Grade 12


  • Saskatchewan - record of grade 12 standing (or Division IV standing) with 75% in five acceptable subject at Grade 12


  • Quebec - Diplomae d'etudes collegiales (DEC) with 70% awarded after two Years of study at a college d' enseignement general et professsionnel(CEGEP)

Some Bachelor's degrees allow advanced entry to year 2 or year 3, depending on your study history.

Postgraduate Degrees (Master's)

For entry to our Master's programmes, you will need to have met the following:

  • Bachelor degree with a minimum of GPA 2.3/4 for UK 2.2 or with a minimum of GPA 3/4 for UK 2.1
  • English language requirements
English Language Entry Requirements

For details on English language requirements, please see our English Language Requirement page.

Pre-sessional English programmes are only available to students that have completed a UKVI IELTS. Please visit our Pre-sessional English course page for more information.

Fees and Scholarships & Funding

As an international student, you will be expected to self-finance your studies, so before you apply to join a programme you should be aware of the fees that you will be required to pay and any discounts or bursaries that you may be eligible for. Please see our Financing your Studies page for more information about tuition fees and scholarships.

University of Greenwich International College

If you do not meet the academic or English language requirements for either or Bachelor's or Master's degrees, then you may be eligible to join one of our pathway programmes. Please see University of Greenwich International College (UGIC) for more information.

Meet us

We will be having attending events in Canada throughout the upcoming year and able to answer any questions that you may have. Please get in touch with International Office about upcoming tour dates.

Contact us

International Office

The International Office is here to assist international students and guide them through the application process. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

Telephone: +44 020 8331 8136


Facebook: University of Greenwich International

Twitter: International Office, University of Greenwich

Instagram: UOG International

Snapchat: International Office Greenwich


Financial Aid from your Province

Funding for your programme of study may come from a number of sources. These may include Canada Student Aid loans, which are available to Canadians from any province, specific loans from your province of residence, as well as from your family and savings that you may have.

To apply for aid you must contact the education department responsible for support within your province. Your application will be considered for both types of support and so you do not have to make more than one application.

The application processes differ between provinces and so it is important that you take steps to identify what you need to do as soon as possible. Some provinces require you to ensure that educational institution you wish to study with is registered with the provincial government you are applying too which can sometimes take time.

The University of Greenwich, London is already a designated university for financial assistance in the following provinces:


Greenwich is a designated university for Student Aid Alberta. The school code are PULT for study on the Greenwich Campus and PULR for study at the Medway Campus.

British Colombia

After you have been offered a place at the University of Greenwich, you must apply for Financial Assistance through the BC Ministry of Advanced Education. Greenwich is then contacted by the Ministry and we will confirm you have been offered a place with us. The school code is: PUFY.


Greenwich is designated for Manitoba Student Aid. The school code is PULT.


Greenwich is a designated university under the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP). After you have been offered a place with Greenwich, you must contact OSAP (further details can be found on the OSAP website ). You will be issued an OSAP letter which you must send to Greenwich to this e-mail ID:

Other Province or Territory

If you are from any other Province or Territory in Canada, you should check with your educational loans provider to ascertain whether designation is required prior to making an application for student loan support. If designation is required by Greenwich, please contact us at .

Most designation processes take 4-6 weeks and so we would recommend contacting us by 31 May to allow this process to be completed without causing a delay in the availability of your support.


There are similarities and differences in the Canada and UK university application processes. Understanding some of these will help to ensure a smooth application for you:

  • There is no application fee at the University of Greenwich.  You apply  to the university directly and should have a response within 2 weeks of application.  You may also apply for our Undergraduate programs through UCAS – the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service.
  • Our application process for degree programmes is completely electronic and after submitting your details, you will go through stages where you will upload your scanned documents.
  • As with the Canadian system, we require recent transcripts , a  personal statement and an academic reference.
  • The British academic year runs from mid-September -- June. All of our programs start in September but a number of our graduate programmes have a January start.
  • You may apply up to us up until the summer before your programme starts – or November if you are applying for a January start. However, you are strongly advised to apply in good time since you will need to consider applying for accommodation and your student visa.
  • We prioritise accommodation allocation for international students only until late spring. Students who apply for accommodation by the summer deadline are guaranteed an offer of university accommodation if you are studying with us for a minimum of one academic year.
  • You may apply before you have all of your grades/results and we can issue a 'conditional offer', meaning we promise to hold a place for you on condition you complete your current course of studies at a specified level.
  • Remember that when listing dates, in the UK we use the Day / Month / Year format. So December 1st 2000 is written as : 01 / 12 / 2000
  • All of our new students take part in orientation activities for new international students in 'Transition Week.' In the first week you will receive information about registering for a doctor and opening a bank account.  In addition, the University's Student's Union organises a "Fresher's Week" which includes a welcome fair showcasing various clubs and societies.  There is also a welcome event for American in Fresher's Week and we organise an annual Thanksgiving Dinner in November for our North American students and staff.
  • The University of Greenwich will issue you with an offer letter and guidance on applying for the appropriate type of visa for studying with us in the UK.


As an international fee paying student you will probably need a Tier 4 student visa to study with us. The most common reason for not needing a Tier 4 student visa is if you hold an EU/British passport or are resident in the EU.

Information on how to apply and the requirements for your student visa to study with us can be found on the UK Visa and Immigration Agency's website.

Another useful website that gives information on applying for a student visa is UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs)

Some useful points to remember:

  • In order to apply for a Tier 4 student visa you will require a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance) number from us.  This is the same as all UK universities.
  • To receive a CAS number from us you would need to be holding an unconditional academic offer and have paid the £3000 deposit (exception to this is if you are applying for any financial assistance and are not required to make the payment for the deposit – but you will be advised of this from the International Office/Finance  team at the university at the time you request for a CAS number from us)
  • An unconditional academic offer means the University of Greenwich does not need you to send us any exam results/transcripts/diplomas etc.
  • You would need to contact the International Office with your full name and student ID number on to request your CAS number.
  • A CAS number can be issued by the University of Greenwich 6 months before the course start date of the programme but you can only apply for your visa 3 months before the start date of your programme.
  • Original certificates/transcripts of your studies need to be provided when you make your visa application (remember you will also need the originals to show us at registration when you come to Greenwich). The exact academic documents you need to apply for your visa with will be mentioned on your CAS statement.
  • The CAS statement the university sends you is an electronic document which mentions your CAS number.  The CAS number is a virtual number which is only issued electronically.
  • The UKVI considers the Medway campus 'Outside London' and Greenwich and Avery Hill campuses 'In London' for maintenance costs.  Proving you have enough in your bank account through personal funds and any additional financial assistance is an important consideration for your visa application and is explained more thoroughly above.
  • Finally, do ensure you read through the links and guidelines above before applying for a visa, especially in regards to what you need to provide for tuition fees and maintenance.

Tour dates

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