Banner (Student Records System)

Banner is our core Student Records System, it manages the records of all our students and is accessed in two ways. Banner Admin is used primarily by support staff, while BannerWeb is used by all staff.

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Banner 9 Navigation

How to access and navigate the new Banner Admin interface.

Banner 9 is now available to all Banner users via the AppNav menu on the Staff Service menu on the portal.

If you have a Banner 9 Shortcut saved to your desktop, this can now be deleted. Access is now via the Staff Services menu on the Portal.

All Banner forms are now available in Banner 9 with a few exceptions:

  • Finance Forms (Forms beginning with F), and other forms required by our Central Finance teams, will remain in Banner 8 until the Ascent Project Phase 2 is live.
  • Results Letters Creation (SZARLTA), used by our Student Records Team, will remain in Banner 8 until the BannerWeb Results Page is available.

Access to other Banner 8 forms will be removed on 16 November 2021, including the following which have recently been upgraded to Banner 9:

  • Course Work Receipting (SZACWRP) will be upgraded to Banner 9 in October 2021
  • A new password will be required for the Greport9 page via the password reset tool using single sign on