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Reporting Portal

Our Reporting Portal runs on SAP Business Objects software and provides tools for reporting and analysis to inform decision-making and support university processes.

Getting Started

Business Objects is currently only available via a University Desktop device, or to the Staff Remote Desktop service.

Once connect to one of these two platforms, Login to the Portal on that device (not your local computer)

For details on how to do this, view the Portal Login video here

Select Reporting from the Quick Links menu in the black bar at the top of the page.

A new tab will open the Reporting Portal.

Check your Preferences

If you see error messages regarding the browser being unable to run Flash applications, please update your preferences.

  • Select Preferences, from the top right of the page
  • Look for the General section
  • Tick Use Default Settings (Administrator defined)
  • Click the Select and Close button below
  • Refresh the page

Accessing Reports

Reports can be opened by navigating the menus or via Your recently viewed reports section.
When a report link is selected it will open in a new tab, leaving the Reporting Portal home page in the original tab. It will still be possible to have multiple reports open in the same session.

Using the Menus

Navigate the menus by selecting a Reporting Area and then further selecting the lower level menus until the report required is displayed. The menu must be closed before a new Reporting Area can be selected. Each menu previously selected needs to be deselected in order to view menus above. This can be achieved by selecting the icon in the top right of the menu selected, in order to "close" the selected menu.

Using the Search Function

The search function is found in the top left of the Reporting Portal.

Selecting Search will open the search tab, where search terms can be entered in the side panel on the left.
Within this tab, results are displayed in the report, and the search terms are entered using an Input Control.

If there is no search box on the left-hand side, click the Input Control icon on the left to display the Input Controls. This left vertical menu may have more than one icon; make sure the Input Control icon is selected.
The search function will search for the term entered in the box within report names and description fields and displays a list of reports in the main pane.

Enter the search term, e.g. student, and press the OK button to display the list of results. Selecting a result from the search will open the report in a separate tab.

To return to the home page, select the button with four squares which is located next to the search button in the top left, below Home and Documents.