IT and Library Services

Administrative Systems

The IT Service Desk is the first point of contact for all problems and queries relating to our services and software.

Our dedicated team of First Line Support staff have a broad knowledge and in many cases can deal directly with requests. When this is not possible they will assign it to colleagues in Second Line Support (campus) or specialist teams, whichever is most appropriate.

Identity Management

IDM provides integration with other systems to automate and improve management of accounts and access. It is currently integrated with the ARMS system for affiliate user information and the Microsoft Active Directory system for staff and student data. It provides LDAP authentication for portal access and it is the source for student Google Mail accounts. It also provides passwords self-service and can synchronise user passwords to the compliant systems. You can find out more about IDM here

Digital Signage

Signage is a great way to communicate with people. Traditional printed signs have long been the best way to connect information with people; recently however modern Digital Signage displays have emerged as a new signage solution.

  • Digital signage use electronic panels (often commercial grade TV screens) to display eye catching content with vibrant colours.
  • Display static images and video content
  • Each screen displays multiple messages
  • Content should be clear and concise

To find out more about the university's digital signage system, how to create and submit suitable content, please visit our Digital Signage pages.

At risk

Tuesday mornings between 7.00am and 9.00am is the 'at risk' period where we do general maintenance and updates. During this period services are considered at risk and might be unavailable for short periods.

We've created a page explaining why we have them when we do, what we might do during them these times, why we need them at all.

Approved  / Scheduled Downtime

IT Systems and infrastructure require ongoing maintenance to ensure they function at optimal levels to provide the university with a reliable and secure  environment in which to work.

Many of these upgrades and releases happen while systems remain available or are sufficiently minor that they can be scheduled into the Tuesday morning at risk window with minimal impact. Occasionally the work required is sufficiently complex or large that systems are required to be offline for a more prolonged period of time. These periods are known as Approved downtime, and you can read more about them here.

IT Service Status

The IT Service Status website display any major IT issues within the university.

You can view the Service Status site from any mobile device or PC at

It is hosted off-campus so that is can be updated even if all university networks are available