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Join us for the first Law Summer School programme in the UK, or in Europe, to compare English and American law.

Join us for our 2024 International Comparative Law Summer School
in partnership with the Mitchell Hamline School of Law (USA), comparing English and American law
(24 June – 19 July)

School of Law and Criminology


Our International Comparative Law Summer School provides a programme in the UK or in Europe to compare English and American law. Our courses, delivered in collaboration with Mitchell Hamline Law School  (USA), will give a unique opportunity to explore the similarities and differences between the legal systems and laws of the UK and US.

All classes will be hyflex which will combine face-to-face and online learning. For those registered for face-to-face, classes will be taught in the historic Old Royal Naval College on the bank of the River Thames in South East London.

This iconic World Heritage Site receives millions of tourists each year who visit the nearby Royal Observatory meridian line, Cutty Sark ship, historic market and museums.

Our campus can be seen in many movies including Skyfall and Pirates of the Caribbean, and TV series such as The Crown.

All courses, delivered in collaboration with Mitchell Hamline Law School in the USA, will give a unique opportunity to explore the similarities and differences between the legal systems and laws of the UK and US. There will also be a guest lectures from other partner institutions such as Bennett University, India and Bahcesehir University, Turkey.

Course Content

Participants are welcome to register for the following Main Courses:

Course One – Company and Partnership Law / Doing Deals Across the World: Advising Global Entrepreneurs

Dates/Times: M–Th, June 24–27 and M–Th, July 1–4, 2024 between 9:00 and 15:30

In this simulation course you will counsel, problem solve and negotiate on behalf of start-up business entrepreneurs and address key issues, including:

  • Analysis of global business strategies.
  • Structuring business transactions.
  • Negotiating hot button provisions.
  • Drafting selected cross-border agreements.
  • Resolving legal, business, and ethical issues.
  • Understanding cross-cultural elements of conducting business deals.
  • Comparing opportunities and risks presented by the legal systems of the UK and US.

Course Two - Immigration Law (Movement of Workers and Comparative Asylum Law, Practice & Procedure: Can They Stay or Must They Go?)

Dates: Tu–F, July 09–12 and Tu–F, July 16–19, 2024 between 09:00 and 15:30

This course will explore the general legal principles and immigration systems in the UK and US, including:

  • Immigration consequences of criminal convictions and actions threatening national security.
  • Paths to acquiring permanent resident status or indefinite leave to remain.
  • Temporary visa options for low-skilled and high-skilled workers.
  • Acquiring citizenship and citizenship through naturalization.
  • Treaty-based visa options in the US (NAFTA) and the UK (EU).

Participants are welcome to register for the following Extra Course:

Course Three – Advanced Criminal Law / Comparative Criminal, Constitutional, and Statutory Law and Practice

Dates: Tu–F, July 09–12 and Tu–F, July 16–19, 2024 between 15.00 and 18:30

This course will explore the general legal principles and criminal law systems in the UK and US, including:

  • Demonstrate advanced legal research skills.
  • Demonstrate advanced essay writing skills.
  • Demonstrate the ability to review, examine and reflect upon a range of criminal offences, some criminal defences and various forms of criminal liability.
  • Where appropriate, demonstrate an understanding of the offences and defences studied in their social and political context.
  • Where appropriate, demonstrate an awareness of the topics studied in their practical context.

Course Delivery

Teaching: Courses will be led from an international perspective by skilled legal scholars.  There will be a combination of lectures, class discussion, and small group break-out sessions that will provide hands-on practical application of the topics under discussion.  You will discuss and examine law from a range of perspectives.

Classes: Courses I and II are in session from 9.00 to 15.30 with the lunch break from 12.30 -13.00, giving you plenty of time to travel, explore, and experience all that London and England have to offer.

Course III is also scheduled to run a 4-day week, 15.00 – 18.30pm.

Location: Face-to-face classes will be held at the University of Greenwich, Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London - part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Online classes are also offered using a hyflex method so both face-to-face and online participants will be taught at the same time.

Key Benefits

  • You will gain practical knowledge and skills to help you for the next stage of your career or training.
  • You will benefit from an engaging learning environment - in a great setting - fully supported by electronic learning resources.
  • Networking opportunities whilst you study alongside US participants.
  • You will be invited to a legal London walking tour and enjoy a course social activity.

Who is this Summer School for?

Undergraduate or Postgraduate students of law, international relations, politics, or any other related subject; legal and non-legal professionals.  We also welcome those 18-25 that are interested in studying law at a university in future.

Entry Requirements

If you are currently a student, you will need to submit a letter from your university or college confirming that you are registered at, and attending, that institution.

Additionally, if you were educated in a language other than English and/or in a country where English speakers are in a minority, you must have a minimum IELTS score of 5.5 overall (with a minimum of 5.5 in each skill) or a recognised equivalent.

If you have studied at an English-speaking institution, or have courses taught at your university in English (excluding English language courses) you may meet our requirements without having to supply IELTS (or a recognised equivalent).  Where this is the case, evidence will need to be included on a transcript or by means of a letter from your university.

We also welcome applications from mature students and/or students with professional backgrounds.


At the end of the Programme and providing that you have attended at least 80% of the classes, you will receive an Attendance Certificate. The Attendance Certificate willstate your name and your course but will say ‘Attended’ rather than give a grade.

How to Apply

For non-credit based students to register please Click Here to visit our online booking site where payment will be processed.


Attendance Certificate:

Fees for ONE course

Student Rates:
On Campus £900
Online £500

Standard Rates:
On Campus £1,200
Online £900

Combined fee for BOTH courses
Student Rates:
On Campus £1,200
Online £900

Standard Rates:
On Campus £1,800
Online £1,200


Nikky Kho (Mitchell Hamline Law School-Juris Doctor Candidate):

I attended the Summer 2022 study abroad program in London at Greenwich Law School and it was the most memorable experience of my law school career. Having the opportunity to learn about business and immigration law while living in London was an awesome learning opportunity for me. I loved being able to interact with law school peers from around the world while learning from a world-class faculty of law school professors with diverse experiences in both teaching and work experience. Furthermore, the program was the most fun that I have had throughout my law school years as a student at Mitchell Hamline School of Law. If you are considering registering for Mitchell Hamline's International Comparative Law Study Abroad Program or studying at Greenwich Law School, I highly recommend you make the decision to participate and you'll likely find it truly unforgettable.

Lisa K. Cole (Mitchell Hamline Law School-Juris Doctor Candidate):

I truly enjoyed the London hyflex experience—the professors engaged with the material in a way that was educational but also really enjoyable.  It was a refreshing change from ordinary law classes that reconnected me to the love of law.

Hannah Schadey (Mitchell Hamline Law School-Juris Doctor Candidate):

I could not recommend the London summer school program enough. I learned so much about international business and immigration law. Getting to work with professors and students from across the world was an incredible experience. The opportunities we got to experience while in London were once in a lifetime and I will cherish my time there forever.

Chris & Michelle Furrer (Mitchell Hamline Law School-Juris Doctor Candidate):

The London summer school was a highlight of my law school career! It was a wonderful experience in a world-class city that all students should consider whether contemplating international law or not. The classes are only two weeks long and can fit in any schedule. My husband took one class while I took two classes. The professors are from all over the world, and each provided a unique perspective on the topics. This experience will stick with me throughout my legal career as well as an enriching personal experience.

Nic Van Orsdel (Mitchell Hamline Law School-Juris Doctor Candidate):

The summer program in London is one of the best decisions I have made during my time at Mitchell Hamline. Not only do you get great experience in classes during the summer session, but you get to meet students from all over the world. While in London, I took Comparative International Business Transactions and Comparative Immigration and Asylum Law. Both classes use problem simulations throughout the classes. For example, in International Business Transactions, we worked in teams to negotiate and structure a variety of contracts for a start-up business. For a student who is interested in business law, this experience was a fantastic way to dive into drafting for a start-up business and practice negotiating skills. Not only was the class experience great, but I also made new friends from both United States law schools and International law schools. Overall, I had a great experience in the summer program and highly recommend it! Additionally, I would be happy to be an ambassador for the program and would love to talk with students considering the program. Please let me know if I can do anything to help! -

Nithya Toral Krishna (Bennett University, India - LLB (Hons.) student 4th year)

My summer school experience was a wholesome experience that held me to complete my readings on various topics and group activities which were both fun filled and knowledgeable. Subject Matter was apprehended both in business - legal perspective. This experience made me interact with people from different backgrounds from various corners of the world. To top it off, we even visited a Corporate legal firm called Thomson Reuters, and the experience was knowledge filled.

Nandini Srivastava (Bennett University, India - LLB (Hons.) student 4th year)

The Law Summer School program was held in the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom which was taught in the Old Royal Naval College in South East London. The course compared the English and the American law where the four week period consisted of two courses which were delivered in collaboration with Mitchell Hamlin Law School in the US. The first two weeks comprised of enhanced learning about Doing Deals Across the World, where in a class of over 35 students, we were able to counsel the negotiation on behalf of the entrepreneurs and start-ups. The courses were led by skilled legal scholars which was viewed through an international perspective. It consisted if a variety of lectures, panel discussions and examination of law from different perspectives.

The second course delivered us a handful knowledge on Movement of Workers and Comparative Asylum law, the procedures and practice, It consisted of group exercises and panel discussions upon the legal principles and the immigration system in the US, India and UK. The classes were conducted in a hyflex manner which involved online and offline learning. Both the courses gave beautiful experiences of learning and practical application.

Sanya Kapoor (Bennett University, India - LLB (Hons.) student 5th Year)

The University of Greenwich Law Summer School, 2022 opened up new vistas for me by enabling me to communicate with leading experts in the field of law. The course offered me a remarkable opportunity to explore the parallels and discrepancies between the legal frameworks and laws of the UK, US and the European Union. Additionally, having a diverse group of international students helped me to cultivate abilities that complemented a variety of cultural experiences and perspectives.