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Learning & Development

Supporting and developing our staff is crucial to the future success of the university and to meet our vision to be the best modern university in the UK by 2030.  Within an inclusive, we invite staff to actively develop their job roles, pursue their career aims and fulfil their potential through attendance on our development opportunities.

Learning & Development Programme

The Programme includes online and in person, internally and externally facilitated development sessions aimed at both academic and professional services staff.  The sessions have been chosen from training needs analysis and support the implementation of the university's strategy and our informed by the university values.

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Learning -  the essentials

Learning -  the extras

Please contact us on if you would like to discuss any aspect of your own or your team's development needs, or if there any events that you would like to see included in the Programme.

The following is a summary of some of the development opportunities available.


The Aurora Programme is a leadership development programme organised by Advance HE for all people who identify as a woman.  It was designed to help address the issue of the reducing numbers of women in senior posts in Higher Education.  The Programme aims to enable a wide range of women in academic and professional roles to think of themselves as future leaders and to develop leadership skills and strategies.

Aurora is for women up to and including senior lecturer level (AC3) or professional services equivalent (up to and including SG8) who would like to develop and explore issues relating to leadership roles and responsibilities.

Aurora addresses core areas associated with leadership success and takes a partnership approach with institutions and participants, providing an intervention that combines an introductory webinar, online development days, online action learning sets, an in-person networking event, in-house mentoring and self-directed study to provide learning with a more enduring impact.

For further information about Aurora please see Horizon Learning.

Coaching Network

The Coaching Network aims to support the development of all staff to think through their options in relation to a range of situations they may be dealing with in the workplace and it is designed to complement other learning and development interventions available to staff within the university, in line with the university values.

Staff may access coaching:

  • When an individual has changed roles/received promotion
  • To facilitate ideas for service improvement
  • To support change
  • For work related decision making and problem solving
  • For confidence/assertiveness
  • When individuals have returned to work after a prolonged period of time (eg. Maternity/paternity leave)

The coaches within the Network come from a range of academic and professional services roles bringing a range of experience and insight to the coaching role.  All coaches have attended accredited coaching training with the Chartered Management Institute.

All staff can apply to the Network to have their own coach for up to five sessions (one initial "chemistry" session and four coaching sessions) over a four to six-month period.  Coachees will need to complete an online form to enable them to be matched with a suitable coach as quickly as possible.

For further information about the Coaching Network please access Horizon Learning

If you have any questions about coaching please email

Work Shadowing

Outside Insight is an inter-university work shadowing scheme for staff.  The participating universities are geographically within London and the South-East of England.

Work shadowing for the purpose of this scheme is defined as spending time with and observing the work of a member of staff in a department or role of interest from a participating institution in order to gain insight into work in that area. The programme encourages professional development in a way that allows participants to have a wider appreciation of their field and to share and bring back knowledge of work practices from other universities.

Generally and especially during appraisal, managers and staff can consider which developmental needs can be addressed as a work shadowing opportunity.

Online development

Mandatory/Essential training

Part of our development opportunities also includes extensive online resources. The following are mandatory or essential training that staff will need to complete, depending on their role

LinkedIn Learning

To support personal and professional development staff can access LinkedIn Learning resources which supplement and complements existing development opportunities. There is no limit to how much you access or what you access whilst working at the university.  LinkedIn Learning is a beneficial way to collaborate with colleagues by sharing useful training resources with your contacts.

There are two ways to access LinkedIn Learning.  The first way to access is via the Staff Portal. This will take staff to the whole catalogue of courses within LinkedIn Learning. To help you navigate LinkedIn Learning, we could recommend  you complete the How to Use LinkedIn Learning course.  Any courses staff complete using this method of access will not show on your View Transcript (Learning History) tile within Horizon.  If you want a record of your LinkedIn Learning course completion to appear on your Learning History in Horizon, please click on Me>Learning>View Transcript>Actions>Record External Learning Experience and input the relevant information.  Finally click on Submit.

The second way to access LinkedIn Learning courses is via Horizon Learning.  A selection of recommended LinkedIn Learning courses has been integrated into Horizon.  These will be added to and updated on a regular basis.  If you complete the courses within Horizon they will automatically appear in View Transcript (Learning History) tile within Horizon.