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The university is an exciting place to work and we aim to be one of London's leading Universities, by staying aligned with our values and behaviours. We make a significant contribution to the education sector and are proud of the cultural diversity of our staff. Our aim is to continue growing by attracting high quality staff, working at the cutting edge of their specialism, to raise our reputation at a regional, national and international level.

Recruitment Panel Member Training

If you are new to recruitment panelling, you will need to attend our Recruitment and Selection training courses as advertised on Horizon Learning. These courses are also for staff engaged in recruitment requiring a refresher.

If there is an urgent need for panel training in between Recruitment and Selection sessions, the People Directorate may be able to provide an abridged training. To enquire about this, please complete this form.

When carrying out recruitment at the University of Greenwich, you will use the university's e-recruitment system and it is essential that interview panel members complete this e-recruitment online module before sitting on a panel.

Additional, optional training is also available: Interview Skills for Panel Members and Interview Skills for Candidates.

On-Line Recruitment

The university recruits staff through an on-line recruitment system. For further information on how to register and apply, frequently asked questions, applications from non UK/EEA residents and our current vacancies, please see our recruitment site Jobs at Greenwich.

Academic Staff Recruitment

The procedure for academic staff recruitment is outlined in the new Appointment of Academic Staff Regulations document, which sets out the principles and recruitment approach for appointment of permanent and fixed term academic staff. Related guidance and documents are outlined below. The job descriptions and supporting criteria which are aligned to the Career Pathways, should be used when submitting a job request

Job Descriptions - Enterprise Career Pathway

Job Descriptions - Research Career Pathway

Job Descriptions - Teaching and Learning Career Pathway

Job Description - AC2/3 Across all Three Career Pathways

Application Shortlisting Criteria

Further Documentation

Academic Teaching Only and Research Only Staff Recruitment

Related guidance and documents are outlined below. The job descriptions which are aligned to the Career Pathways, should be used when submitting a job request.

Teaching Only Job Descriptions

Research Only Job Descriptions

Further Documentation

Professional Services Staff Recruitment

The procedure for Professional Services staff recruitment is outlined in the Appointment of Professional Services Staff Regulations which outlines our recruitment approach for professional services staff.

Professional Services Job Descriptions

Where recruitment is sought for a new post or vacant post that requires revision, a new job description should be produced and submitted for a HERA role evaluation by Human Resources. This will help ensure the HERA evaluated rate of pay remains consistent with the grade for the post.

Please note: Both Academic and Professional Services recruitment are with the exception of senior appointments made by Court.

Student Staff Recruitment

Our JobShop student appointments make a significant contribution to our University and its goals and we value them greatly.  If you have any queries please e-mail:

Please note: recruiting managers are strongly advised to complete the University's e-Recruitment training online in order to submit a request.

Job Description Templates

The following sample job descriptions have been HERA role evaluated by Human Resources, and should be used for reference when submitting your job request.  When completing your job description template, only minor adjustments from the sample job descriptions are advised in order to help ensure the HERA evaluated rate of pay remains consistent.  If you require any further support, contact

Further Forms and Information