Dr Nataliya Rumyantseva

Dr Nataliya Rumyantseva BA, MA, PhD

Dr Nataliya Rumyantseva

Dr Nataliya Rumyantseva

Senior Lecturer in Leadership and Organisational Behaviour

Department of Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour

Faculty of Business

Nataliya has joined the University of Greenwich in 2013. Prior to this, she worked as a Lecturer in Higher Education Management at the University of Southampton.

Nataliya's PhD was granted by Vanderbilt University located in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. During 6 years of post-graduate study she has served as a research assistant on multiple research projects on topics related to educational reform in the US, academic values and deviant behaviours in the workplace in Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Nataliya has participated in a number of capacity building projects in developing nations. In her work she seeks to draw on the strengths of the Western organisational research and methodology, although with modifications, to explore organisational challenges and contexts of developing nations.

Teaching and administrative activities

  • Undergraduate and Master's level courses in cross-cultural management, business ethics, research methods and dissertation supervisions.  

MPhil/PhD supervision

  • Lioudmila Moshtael 'UK-Russia comparison of gender differences in leadership'
  • Newer Researcher Award to conduct a research project on changing context of academic profession in Russia, Society for Research into Higher Education, UK, 2010
  • Pump Priming Grant from School of Management, University of Southampton to conduct a research study of higher education reform processes in Ukraine, UK, 2009
  • Graduate Assistantship and Tuition Award to Pursue PhD in Leadership and Policy Studies at Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, USA, 2002
  • Peabody Honours Diversity Award, service-free award for students with outstanding academic records and potentials, Vanderbilt University, USA, 2002

Reviewer for International Journal of Educational Development

Organisational tensions, contradictions and dilemmas often serve as a source of new insights into the complex dynamics of organisational change, intentional reforms or unintentional evolution. Many organisational challenges, such as corruption, dilemmas around diversity management, handling of ethical dilemmas, or paradoxes presented by whistle blowing are often impossible to resolve with traditional management methods oriented towards efficiency and performance. I draw on concepts and tools from business ethics, philosophy of management, cross-cultural management as well as insights from the group analytic theory to generate compassionate but critical examination of the 'lumps of imperfection' as window to the internal transformational potential of organisations and their contexts. Current projects include:

  • Conflicting goals and ambivalent motivations in Ukrainian Higher Education Reform
  • What do Ukrainians think of leadership? Exploration of culturally determined leadership preferences in Ukrainian higher education.
  • Is academic misconduct in Russia a problem or a symptom? Who is involved and who should act?
  • Who does it this way? How do individual characteristics affect students' involvement with bribes and plagiarism?

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