Pascal  Michael

Mr Pascal Michael BSc, MSc

Psychology PhD Student

Key details

Mr Pascal Michael

Psychology PhD Student

Pascal received a BSc Hons (Aberdeen University) in Neuroscience and an MSc (University College London) in Clinical Mental Health Sciences. His current PhD at University of Greenwich with Dr. David Luke is 'A comparative phenomenology of the psychedelic DMT and near-death experience'.

Responsibilities within the university

  • Psychology PhD Student;
  • Seminar teaching for Psychology of Exceptional Human Experiences, Brain and Behaviour, Introduction to Counselling


Parapsychology Association Student of the Year Award 2020

Research / Scholarly interests

Pascal's current research interests encompass the analysis of mystical-type human experiences, both psychopharmacological and spontaneous - specifically, the psychedelic (especially DMT) experience and the near-death experience (NDE) - toward developing a formalised framework of thinking that the NDE is fundamentally an endogenous psychedelic episode, as indicated by its acute, long-term and anomalous effects.

Key funded projects

BIAL research grant 2019.

Recent publications

Michael, P. (2020). Neurothanatology: The Quest for the NDE-ogen. The Paranormal Review; Michael, P. (2020). Thanatotherapy: Death-assisted psychotherapy?. BPS Psychotherapy Section Review 

Michael, P. (in press). The Death-Trip: A Case Study of Psilocybin's Simulation of the Phenomenology and Long-term changes of the Near-death Experience. In Tollen, A., King, D., Luke, D. (Ed.). The Breaking Convention Book 

Michael, P., Luke, D. (in press). Imitations of Immortality: Psychedelics as NDE-mimetics and the Neuroscience of Death and Near-death. In Ruickbie, L. (Ed.) Is There Life After Death?


Conferences presented at include Breaking Convention (2019), The Society of Psychical Research (2019). Invited talks include for the Psychedelic Society of Sussex and Oxford