Alireza Azarbakht

Dr Alireza Azarbakht BSc, MSc, PhD

Lecturer in Civil Engineering

I received my BSc and MSc degrees in Civil Engineering and Earthquake Engineering in 2000 and 2002. After my PhD graduation (with excellent honours) in civil and earthquake engineering from the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES) in 2007, I joined Arak University in Iran as an assistant professor in Civil Engineering Department within the Engineering Faculty. Then I got promoted to associate professor in 2013 in the same department. During this period, I was involved in many teaching, research and administrative activities, as well as industry-linked projects.

After 12 years working in Iran, in September 2019, I joined the University of Strathclyde as a Research Fellow working as the co-leader of work package 3 of the European H2020 TURNkey, a multidisciplinary project among 21 European partners aiming at increasing earthquake safety in Europe. This project was also an excellent opportunity for my communication skills, where I have strengthened my abilities to listen, engage, liaise, exploit, and present complex technical information in an accessible way to a range of non-technical end-users/audiences.

I joined the University of Greenwich as a lecturer in the civil engineering portfolio in 2022 which allows me to look for a new professional challenge and to broaden my horizons.

Responsibilities within the university

Module leader

Finite Elements in Civil Engineering

Engineering Analysis and Applications

Structural Design

Module participation

Analysis and Design for Seismic Actions

BSc final projects

MSc research projects.


Best Young Researcher by the Iranian Association of Earthquake Engineering in 2009.

Best Researcher in the civil engineering department at Arak University in 2012, 2013, and 2014.

Best Teacher in the civil engineering department at Arak University in 2010 and 2014.


  1. Member of Iranian association of earthquake engineering, since 2011.
  2. Chartered Civil Engineer at Tehran Construction Engineering Organisation, since 2003.
  3. Official Judiciary Expert in Building discipline in Iran, since 2013.

Research / Scholarly interests

Resilient modelling for multi-natural hazards, Offshore wind turbine structures, Structural engineering, Performance-based earthquake engineering, Artificial intelligence in engineering seismology, Operational earthquake forecasting, Uncertainty treatments in engineering problems.

Key funded projects

  1. PI: Investigation of the Earthquake Intensity Measures Sufficiency in Nonlinear Response History Analysis of Structures. Arak University, 2015. [~$2700, 10 months]
  2. PI: Prediction of the soil subgrade reaction modulus determined by CAE method. Arak University, 2013. [~$4900, 8 months]
  3. PI: Probability of collapse estimation for the benchmark SPEAR building based on simulated ground motion records by consideration of the spectral acceleration correlation. Arak University, 2011. [~$4500, 9 months]
  4. PI: Inelastic Spectra for Reinforced Concrete Frames based on Near-Source and Ordinary Ground Motion Records. Arak University, 2009. [~$3800, 8 months]
  5. PI: Conceptual comparison between Code No.360 and ASCE 41-06 for seismic assessment of unreinforced masonry buildings. Arak University, 2009. [~$5000, 6 months]
  6. PI: Challenges on the selection of spectrum compatible ground motion records for seismic design of structures. Arak University, 2008. [~$4600, 8 months]