Juliano Katrib

Dr Juliano Katrib PhD, MSc, MEng, FHEA

Associate Professor

Dr Katrib is an Associate Professor in Emerging Technologies. He has an extensive track record in designing novel electromagnetic technologies (microwaves, quantum) for heating and sensing applications, covering a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceuticals, nuclear, and energy. Throughout his career, he has worked on early maturity technologies at TRL 1 (Technology Readiness Level), as well as high TRL (7), where he supported and led the electromagnetic design of the world's largest microwave system in mineral processing. He has successfully secured several research grants, acted as the principal investigator, and generated multiple patents across various technology domains, including microwave heating system design, mineral processing, and leaching.

He has demonstrated a commitment to advancing the student experience and ensuring quality education. He played a pivotal role in developing and implementing strategies to increase undergraduate enrolment and revenue streams, as well as providing strategic leadership and oversight for policies and activities to enhance teaching, curriculum, and the broader student experience.

Dr Katrib welcomes inquiries from potential PhD candidates from Home, EU, and international countries who are interested in electromagnetic technologies and AI for producing net-zero processes or non-traditional process monitoring and control.

Responsibilities within the university

Module Leader

  • Embedded Electronics and Communications
  • Communications and Electromagnetic Waves


  • Young Engineering Professionals Winner, International Electrotechnical Commission.
  • Safety Award for “The design of a novel microwave filter for the largest continuous microwave processing in the world”, Rio Tinto.
  • UK representative and expert in the International Electrotechnical Commission to develop international standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies.


Fellow of the Higher Education.

Research / Scholarly interests

My research focuses on the development of electromagnetic technologies for material processing and the creation of net-zero processes that support the decarbonization of the chemical, manufacturing, and energy industries. I also deploy electromagnetic technologies in non-traditional ways for inspection and monitoring of structural assets, exploring deterioration mechanisms through a fundamental understanding of materials using electromagnetic spectra.

I am particularly interested in developing new manufacturing methods and materials for use in high value manufacturing sectors, including aerospace, nuclear, and biomedical engineering. In these competitive markets, product differentiation is often directly linked to additional functionality or performance.

My main research interest is in the following areas.

  • Innovative Manufacturing Processes
  • Microwave Processing of Materials
  • AI-Aided Electromagnetic Sensors for industrial applications
  • Digital Manufacturing (I4.0)
  • Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Subsurface Imaging and Sensing for Biotechnology

Recent publications


  1. Dimitrakis G., Kingman, S.W., Dodds, C., Katrib J., Batchelor, A.R., Jones A.D. “Sorting mined material” WO 2014/082135 (A1).
  2. Dimitrakis G., Kingman, S.W., Palade P., Batchelor, A.R., Jones A.D., Wellwood G., Goodes G.C., Katrib J., Dodds C. “Heap leaching” WO 2014/075148.