Staff Sustainability

Find out how you can incorporate environmental principles into teaching and inspire our students.

Make a difference at the University of Greenwich by joining a community with sustainability at the forefront of our minds. It is not just about greening the campus (though we are proud of that), but developing new ways of thinking, learning, implementing a better future for us all and making a positive impact right now.

It is no surprise that our employees also expect to see us act on sustainability as part of their university experience.  Industries in the UK are seeing positive trends in environment issues being discussed and acted upon. 98% of NHS staff believe it is important for health & care systems and 71% of manufacturers who made positive change are now seeing financial benefits too.  In education following on from a 10 year study, the UN produced a short video on how high education is assisting the sustainable agenda.

Together we can educate our students and across our departmental teams make positive changes.  Our Engagement Strategy sets out we will engage our students and staff to bring about positive change throughout all activities and processes.

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Sustainability Champion Network established

Embedding sustainable learning into teaching

Volunteering to maintain a clean campus environment

Changing behaviours for a better planet

Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) for Staff

The SDGs are 17 goals, signed by all 193 UN countries in 2015, that outline the vision for a sustainable world by 2030. These goals recognise the interlinks between poverty, economic growth, social needs and environmental impact. We can bring about positive change on a local and global scale. What SDGs are most relevant to you, and how you are contributing to them in your work or teaching?

Are you an academic staff member?

Whether you are teaching or researching into economics, healthcare, law, design or architecture, sustainability can be included and will be an important consideration within profession challenges. We can support you in embedding sustainability into your teaching and research.

Are you a professional staff member?

We need to challenge our past and current processes to ensure we meet a sustainable future.  From purchases of paper to energy use; all departments have an opportunity to generate positive change.  The Sustainability Team is here to support you.

How to get involved

  • Look out, participate, and promote to students our annual campaigns and events in the year:
  • Click here for the simple steps you can take to make a difference.  Make Your Change.
  • Listen and take part in our podcast, The GREen Pod.  What actions are you taking, or researching in?
  • Join Eco-Team, the student and staff network driving change.
  • Tackle environmental issues or incorporate the SDGs into your research.
  • Do you give lectures?  Then include sustainable content into your teaching.
  • Dispose of items in the correct waste bin, always check the posters.
  • Contact us to join our environmental internal audit programme; making sure we are reducing impacts.
  • Click here to access our blog pages; read about staff experiences, campaigns, see our action areas and more opportunities.
  • Before buying new furniture, click here for information on our reuse scheme, and how to support local communities.

Become a sustainable champion and challenge your working processes, encourage best practice, or be involved in the latest campaigns.  From litter picking to wildlife shelter making, attending events, encouraging behavioural shifts, or simply putting information on a noticeboard, there is something for everyone.  If you want to represent your area please let us know! If you need more information, visit our blog pages where some of our champions share their story and passions.

Based at Avery Hill?  Volunteer at our Community Garden or Fruit Orchard (behind David Fussey).

Fancy a walk?  Remember to record your wildlife sightings; register, search for your campus under ‘activity’ and submit your sightings. Help us to understand what we have on site and how we can conserve it.

What about helping one of our favourite mammals? We are part of the national Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative.  Anyone can be involved and there are a lot of activities to do.  Check out our dedicated hedgehog blog pages here.