Information on strategy, the Sustainability Management Board, and our Environmental Management System.

Our annual sustainability reports provide our progress against KPIs and key projects.  The 2017-2018 report highlights that we have been able to cut our Scope 1 emissions (direct including energy and our transport) by 48.9% since 2005 and have reduced waste generation 30% since 2009.  It provides details of improvements, actions and recommendations for students and staff to help take action to maximise our University's sustainable potential.

Our Sustainability Management Board (SMB); is chaired and supported by senior management across the Faculties and Directorates for a collaborative approach to sustainable development.  Students are represented by the elected officers of the Students' Union (SU) to ensure our students have an equal voice in making strategic decisions regarding sustainability at Greenwich.

Our Staff & Student Sustainability Engagement Strategy reviews how we can achieve successful understanding of key issues and best practice, allowing positive action and behavioural change.

Awards, Achievements, and Accreditations

We are proud of our sustainable progress, recognition and awards received:

  • Greenwich has maintained its 'First Class Award' in People & Planet's University Green League since 2012 (14th place in 2019).
  • Greenwich has maintained its Fairtrade Accreditation status 
  • Our food outlets achieve Gold in Food for Life Catering Standards
  • Our food outlets are certified in sustainable seafood products
  • 2018 Campus Health, Food & Drink Green Gown Finalists for the student led Reuse Race
  • Aiming for Gold in Hedgehog Friendly Campus (joined March 2020)
  • There are two highly energy efficient (BREEAM certified) buildings on our estate
  • Over 100 Solar Panels are installed across our campuses
  • Beehives are located at each campus
  • We have 243 recorded species across our campuses
  • We have 6.7 hectares of green space across our campuses

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Our Estates & Facilities Directorate (EFD) is proud to operate to international ISO14001 (Environmental Management) standards.

An EMS is a set of processes and practices that enable organisations to reduce its environmental impacts and increase operating efficiency and integrating sustainability thinking into our operations. It requires senior leadership in addition to operational innovation to allow development without overusing limited resources.

Our EFD termed the adopted approach as an SMS: A Sustainability Management System. A lifecycle approach is used; not only considering what we produce on our campuses (e.g. waste) but how that impact was generated (e.g. product design) through to the final disposal route (e.g. if it can be reused/recycled).

This SMS allows us to increase cost savings and efficiency, reduce environmental risks and ensure collaboration occurs between staff. Internal audits are done frequently with external audits conducted annually against strict criteria. We have been accredited since 2012.

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