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Green travel

The university has a Green Travel Plan covering all its campuses until 2027. This is intended to promote and increase green transport through various policy initiatives.

What qualifies as green travel?

Any form of transport other than driving a car alone or flying. The less carbon emitted the greener it is.

Why do we need to increase green transport?

All transport other than walking and cycling emits carbon and other harmful pollutants.  Aircraft and cars are the worst emitters. Emissions from public transport are shared amongst many passengers producing much less damage per person. Similarly, car sharing reduces emissions per person in half, or more, depending on the number of passengers.

Why do we need to reduce transport emissions?

University emissions from travelling on business, and student and staff commuting, are estimated to equal around 8,665 tonnes per year, making a significant contribution to climate change. To solve this urgent problem the university has committed to reduce its emissions to net zero by 2030. This plan aims to reduce travel related emissions 50% by 2027.

Results of staff travel to work survey

What is in our plan?

The basis of our plan is to have policies and initiatives to promote growth of green travel. Some of these are listed below, all are contained with the plan report.

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