One University, One Voice: Students using their words to celebrate our Academic staff #6


The quotes show the high regard our students have for our academic community, and we think that's something to celebrate.

We have lots of quotes* from our students, so we'll be sharing them in a series of posts - usually we'd share these on our digital screens across our campuses, however with many of us not currently on campus we didn't want that to stop us.

Students can nominate the staff and student representatives who have made a real impact on their university experience in this year's Student Led Teaching Awards.

Dr Han-Huei (Crystal) Tsay is an extraordinary professor  who makes time for all of her students and ensures they are on the right path. She considers every student equally whilst understanding the cultural differences.

Dr Yakun Zhang is one of the best tutors at the university. She comes up with very innovative lectures and we have great competitions and discussions in class that help us better understand the subject.

I feel as though I have learnt a lot from Skye Kennedy- Cullen. She takes a difficult topic and makes it enjoyable. She treats us all with mutual respect.

Dr Jana Králová is committed to the wellbeing and achievement of her students. When I didn't do well in a practical assignment, she listened and reassured me, which meant I felt positive about doing it better next time.

Dr Emily Critchley has given me a lot more confidence in my own work and encouraged me to submit my poetry to journals for recognition. She also selected me to work with another university on a poetry performance. I am now part of the community I've desired to be involved with for years.

Dr Louise Owusu-Kwarteng is a great teacher and leader, she has been instrumental in providing me with the needed assistance and confident boost to survive my 1st year at University, especially as a mature student. Dr Louise oozes passion for her students and chosen field of expertise.

Dr Melissa Pepper is a wonderful teacher that provides continuous support throughout the term and shows genuine care and interest in her students. She creates new and exciting activities to ensure that we learn to the best of our abilities.

Ewa Krolikowska-Adamczyk's marketing lectures were lively and interesting and got 100% attendance from the students! She taught us how to think critically. She inspired me to write my dissertation in marketing.

Fantastic teaching and very enthusiastic. Bernadette Ryan makes the lectures fun and engaging. She tries her hardest to respond to emails quickly and help students understand. Bernadette seems very passionate about business and this helps students engage. Even as a tutor she ensured all students understood and stressed her importance of attending.

On behalf of our students, thank you.

* With thanks  to the Greenwich Students' Union who shared the anonymised student quotes.

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