Your email is moving to Outlook: Here's how to prepare


The Student Email Project is moving your email from Gmail to Outlook Online on 22-23 May. Some actions you can take to make it smoother for you include moving your Google Drive data to OneDrive to save your files.

On 22-23 May, the Student Email Project will switch the Gmail mailboxes of our continuing students to Outlook Online, which will provide us with a single platform for everything in Microsoft 365 with far better integration.

After this change, your emails will be directed to your new Outlook mailbox. Your email address will not change and we will share guidance on how to copy over any important emails after the migration.

We are working hard to make the transition as smooth as possible, here are some things you can do to prepare for the change.

Export your student Google Drive data

Your Google account will be deactivated 3 months after the transition to Outlook Online. To prepare for this change, you will need to move any documents, files or other data you would like to keep from your Google account before this date.

Here’s how to export your university Google Drive data, which you can do from now until your Google account is deactivated.

You can store your files in OneDrive

We recommend that you upload data to your student OneDrive account. OneDrive is a cloud hosted storage system within the university's secure, cloud-based Microsoft 365 service.

You can store up to 1TB of data in your OneDrive, which you can securely share with any staff or student at the university.

Create a personal Google account

Once your new Outlook mailbox is activated, we will no longer use Google to communicate with you, or for your teaching and learning, assessments or coursework.

If you want to continue using Google for personal use, you’ll need to sign up for a personal account.

Final year students will continue to use Gmail

If you are graduating or completing your studies at the end of the 2020/21 academic year your email will remain in Gmail until your account is deactivated at the end of your studies.

You can find out more about your access to university services and the support that is available after completing your programme on our Completing your studies page. You can also see information about our plans for graduations on our webpages.

Find out more

We will publish all of the project information on our Student Email Project webpage, where you can find important updates and answers to your questions in one place. If you have any questions, please email the project team.

If you would like to find out more about Microsoft 365 at the university, check out our webpages or contact the IT Service Desk.