We hope that your time with the University of Greenwich has been a transformative experience and that you feel ready and equipped to embark on the next stage of your life; be it continued study or the world of employment and industry.


This information below is designed to help you prepare for what happens next in terms of your student status, your access to university services and how we can continue to support you after you have successfully completed your programme.

Addresses, letters and keeping in touch

The University of Greenwich expects all students to look after their own addresses, updating them as soon as they change.

Your certificate and transcripts

Your original certificate and transcript are important legal documents issued by the Conferments team in Student & Academic Services once your Faculty/Department/College has signed off your results and confirmed your award.

IT, library, e-mail and access

As a fully registered student of the University of Greenwich you have access to a variety of library and IT services.

Alumni and continued support

Being a member of the University of Greenwich alumni allows you to access a number of additional services and continued support to help you progress with your future career plans.