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OneDrive for Business

OneDrive is a cloud based storage platform which integrates into both Microsoft Office 365 and all Windows, Mac and mobile device platforms, meaning that files can be accessed almost anywhere and anytime.

OneDrive for Business

What is OneDrive for Business?

OneDrive for Business provides both staff and students with a secure cloud based file store (currently 1Terabyte cloud file storage), accessible both on and off campus. Information stored within the system may be shared to individuals or groups of people, and allows for online same-time, multi-user collaboration on Office documents.  There are three methods of accessing your OneDrive files:

  • Mobile applications - Applications for mobile devices running iOS, Android and Windows Phone are available.
  • Web browser access -  Files and folders are easily accessible via the applications button within Office 365, and enables users to upload/download files and also to edit Office documents online within the web browser. You can also work collaboratively on documents with colleagues at the same time.
  • File sync client -  a piece of software that installs onto a user's machine enabling them to automatically synchronise files between a specified local folder and the cloud-based file store. The file sync client is available as part of the Office 2013 suite.

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