Help to Grow: Management Course

What is Help to Grow?

The Help to Grow programme is a government initiative designed to help SMEs get the infrastructure in place so that they are ready to scale operations for growth. The programme covers an overview of all the major functions (including strategy, marketing, finance and operations) to give business owners and managers different perspectives when growing their businesses.

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90% funded by the government , and there is only a one-time fee of £750.

50 hours of hybrid learning across 12 weeks. Comprising both online and in-person sessions

The programme provides industry-relevant courses accredited by professional bodies

Registration is open

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Who is Help to Grow for?

Businesses across all sectors can apply, including social enterprises. The attendee should be a decision maker in the business (for example CEO, managing director), and businesses applying must:

  • be based in the UK
  • have between 5-249 employees
  • have been operating for more than a year
  • If your business employs between 5 and 249 people, you can send up to two participants on the course.

*Charities are not eligible.

The Chartered Association of Business Schools

The Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) offers the Help to Grow initiative, an HM Government-funded program designed to support business leaders in fortifying and expanding their organisations in the wake of unprecedented disruption. This initiative presents an exceptional chance for senior executives seeking to safeguard their companies' future, featuring unparalleled networking prospects and practical knowledge from top business experts.

Why University of Greenwich?

The University of Greenwich provides additional support, guidance and networking opportunities beyond the scope of the programme to help SMEs get the most out of the programme. Past cohorts have also seen SMEs collaborate with each other and there are further opportunities to extend the relationship with the university.

What will you receive?

  • Training
  • 1-1 support from a business mentor
  • peer-learning sessions
  • access to an alumni network
  • help to develop a business growth plan

Training topics include:

  • leadership
  • marketing
  • employee engagement
  • financial management