Venture Crawl

Climb a double decker bus to have an adventure around London's entrepreneurial eco-system and hear from great speakers.

What is it?

Venture Crawl is the day where the London Entrepreneurial Ecosystem meets the talent nurtured by universities - YOU. It's the day to immerse yourself in the world of entrepreneurship and innovation and get inspired. Whether you're an entrepreneur in the making or looking to broaden your career aspirations, Venture Crawl is the event for you.

What's happening?

For this year's Venture Crawl day, 9th March 2022, we have organised a very special session that will be hosted by Gabi Slemer. Gabi is the founder and CEO of Finasana, a web and mobile app platform that helps you take control of your finances and future.

This masterclass will give an overview of the stock market and a focused approach on how to invest as an individual, especially as a student.

We combine foundational knowledge about the financial markets and different asset classes with the practical realities of how you should approach investing your own money.

How to register

If you would like to register to this session, please book your free entry here.