Professionals as Researchers (PasR)

Professionals as Researchers (PasR)

Our Professionals as Researchers programme is a bespoke, research based, CPD programme directed to professionals and delivered within your setting. We recognise the diverse range of roles held within educational settings. Due to the tailored nature of the programme, it is open to all professionals - including support staff.

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Our bespoke training can:

  • focus on your improvement and development priority areas;
  • enhance subject-specific knowledge and skills of your staff;
  • enrich curriculum development;
  • develop the skills of your professional support staff;
  • further build the leadership and management expertise in your setting;
  • support an action research project.

Working in collaboration with teachers across the phases of schooling, we also undertake CPD projects, courses and workshops designed to enrich literacy teaching and learning:

  • The teaching of reading
  • Encouraging comprehension and response to texts
  • Media and multi-modal literacy
  • The teaching of writing
  • Poetry
  • Promoting high quality speaking and listening
  • Storytelling into writing
  • Drama into writing
  • Film and literacy