Research projects Professionals as Researchers (PasR)

Promoting employability through literacy for specific purposes: Grundtvig-funded research workshop: 2013 to March 2014

The workshop will pull together ideas relating to literacy for specific purposes (LSP) across Europe and seek to develop a pan-European funded project from it. The ultimate goal is to develop a pan-European congress on applied literacy research and practice. This would enable cross-fertilisation of ideas across Europe, sharing of good practice and collaborative research. An initial development of this idea is the invitation of Dr Ade-Ojo to University U-PEC in France for a series of lectures.

Improving literacy in short-stay schools at Key Stage 3 – 2013-14. Studying the impact of literacy interventions at Key Stage 3

The project draws on the interests of students in these schools to create an exciting and motivating literacy curriculum. Students are surveyed about their interests in texts and literacy to help understand their needs. Teachers will work with the Literacy Research & Development Centre to create a stimulating literacy environment and pedagogy to encourage the students to engage with literacy. Funder: Kent Local Education Authority.

Ways with words – 2013-15. Studying the effects of professional development in literacy on standards of progress in writing in 17 primary schools in Kent

Ways with Words involves teachers and pupils providing views on how writing lessons should be carried out. Teachers will share and evaluate their practice with the researchers, who will analyse children’s writing development over time. Staff from all the schools involved will also get together on development days to talk, reflect and learn from each other about the teaching of writing. Funder: Sevenoaks Primary School Cluster.

Literacy by design 2013

Led by Dr Keith Good, working alongside Professor Andrew Lambirth and Susanna Steele, this project combined the teaching of literacy with the teaching of design and technology with children in a primary school in South East London. Funder: Ernest Cook.

The Poetry Champions 2012-13 – implementing the findings of the Leading Poetry project and investigating how teachers can develop as teachers of poetry.

This was an action research project based around the findings from the Leading Poetry project. Teachers and academics in this project presented at conferences around the country to increase the impact of their work. Funder: HEIF.

Leading Poetry project 2011-12

This project researched the professional understanding of literacy subject leaders of the teaching of poetry in primary schools.

Successful ESRC research seminar competition 2009-10: Poetry Matters.

This multi-institutional group seminar involved Dr Sue Dymoke (University of Leicester) and Dr Anthony Wilson (University of Exeter) and attracted Professors Andrew Motion, Michael Rosen and other leading figures to be members of the core research group.

Professionals as Researchers (PasR) is part of the Faculty of Education & Health, University of Greenwich.