Eamples of projects:

Equiry research

Within the enquiry research project participants are asked to work individually or in small groups to identify an area of interest they wish to develop.  We support participants through enabling them to set up a research cycle in order to test out ideas in their setting and evaluate the impact of any change.

This project is suited to those who are new to research and are willing to engage in a setting wide learning community.  This could lead on to an action research project.

Action research

Within this project we offer bespoke training sessions to groups of teachers within their setting.  Practitioners identify an area of focus and we support the research through an action research cycle. 

Participants also have the possibility to work towards 30 Masters level credits. 

This project is suited to those who are willing to explore strategies in their own setting and construct a rigorous action plan to investigate the area.  Relevant literature will be essential to inform developing thinking as will an understanding of ethical considerations.

Curriculum Action and School Improvement

Our curriculum action and school improvement work is based across a range of settings who want to develop the curriculum and share good practice. Within small groups we support practitioners to find the most relevant research in the field as well as baseline and school data to challenge, adapt and evaluate school practice which is focused on accelerating pupil progress and school improvement.

This project is suited to those who are leaders within their settings who wish to engage colleagues in transforming practices across the setting in a collaborative environment.

Research engagement through INSET

Working in and across settings we offer INSET across the year which is based around enquiry research.  Each group of teachers is led by a facilitator from the senior management team who meet each term with colleagues from the University for support. We currently oversee around 50 individual enquiry projects within these type of projects.

This project is suited to setting which are able to facilitate their own enquiry research groups.