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Professor Andrew Lambirth


Professor Lambirth has a background in primary school education in the UK. His main research interest is the teaching and learning of primary school literacy. He has worked on a large number of research projects with teachers in schools, specifically on the teaching of writing and poetry. He has published widely in the field on the teaching of reading and the politics of literacy education. He is currently the president-elect of the United Kingdom Literacy Association.

Dr Gordon Ade-Ojo


Dr Ade-Ojo's research is focused on the lifelong learning sector and the creation of research-informed innovative perceptions of developing literacy curricula and delivery. Drawing from a social literacy model base, he has been exploring the idea of literacy for specific purposes (LSP) and seeking research evidence to support the call for a LSP-informed literacy curricula to address the needs of disengaged learners in the lifelong learning sector.


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Lynda Parker-Brown

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