Consultancy provides the opportunity to positively influence the behaviours, practices and policies of external organisations, teams and individuals and to assist them in achieving specific objectives.

Our experienced staff offers a wide range of consultancy services to sports organisations, academic institutions, and, more broadly, industries interested in improving performance, increasing safety, and enhancing health and well-being.

Services offered include (but are not limited to) general sports science support, injury prevention and rehabilitation, nutrition and supplementation advice, performance analysis, sport psychology support, coaching, cognitive task analysis, and human performance, human factors and ergonomics assessments and interventions. Our clients include, Axon Sports, English Institute of Sport, GlaxoSmithKline, London Metropolitan Police, United States Olympic Committee, Win Laborat-Technology, and several professional football clubs, to name but a few.

Exemplar consultancy projects include.

Sports Science Support in Professional Football

Sports science support services are provided to several football clubs in the south of England, including Crawley FC, Crystal Palace FC and Charlton Athletic FC. There is a strong focus on video and performance analyses, injury prevention and rehabilitation, and strength and conditioning. As part of this consultancy process, we create student internships for current University of Greenwich students gain invaluable practical experience in delivering Sports Science support services to create an enhanced learning experience. Key staff include Mark Chapman, Mark Colpus, and Naill Clark.

Performance Analysis at Ebbsfleet United Football Club

Consultancy services are currently provided by the university to enable Ebbsfleet to develop a coherent plan using specific indicators to inform and enable the most effective training approach to achieve maximal performance. Initially working with the first team to improve both team and individual performance levels it is intended that the services provided will be extended to include the other football squads with the specific intention of embedding consistent best practice throughout the club. Students have the opportunity to help deliver a range of services from individual strength and conditioning programmes to full match analyses. Key staff include Mark Colpus.

Distance Learning Services in Strength & Conditioning

Consultancy services are provided in the form of design and supervision of online workshops and courses intended to enhance and update specific skills and abilities of the sports sciences professionals interested in obtaining high-end qualifications in strength and conditioning, sport nutrition and periodization strategies. Current clients include GSE (, one of the leading international companies in information and e-learning in Exercise Sciences and Health. Key staff include Fernando Naclerio.

Validation of Win Laborat-Technology Testing Equipment

Consultancy services are provided to Winlaborat (; a company that develops high quality systems designed to control and optimise athletic performance. Current projects focus on validating and testing the utility of different devices such as velocity transducers, force plates and dynamometers. For example, recent work validated the Winlaborat velocity transducer (Chapman, M. Naclerio, F., Miller, J. & Robbins, D, 2013) by examining the relationship between the rate of perceived exertion with load and power in the squat—presented at the UK Strength and Conditioning Association (UKSAC) annual conference, in Nottingham. Key staff include Fernando Naclerio and Mark Chapman.

Psychological Skills Training and Performance Enhancement

Psychological support services are provided to athletes and sports teams, performing artists, small to medium size businesses, up to and including and elite and professional levels. The specific aim is to deliver mental skills training to help individuals self-regulate their emotions, and develop best-practice routines that will optimize their performance. Clients include several national governing bodies, including but not limited to England Volleyball, England Netball, UK Athletics, professional clubs such as TKO professional boxing gym and Millwall FC Centre of Excellence, and a large number private clients from a variety of sports. Our consultancy services have been provided internationally to support athletes during the Beijing Olympics, and tennis players from the Sanchez Academy Barcelona and Tennis Australia. We also provide performance enhancement services in related domains outside of sport, where we have worked at a number schools to improve academic performance and ameliorate examination anxiety, and at the Abbey Clinic National Sports Centre at Bisham Abbey as part of the of injury rehabilitation team. Key staff include Andrea Firth-Clark.

Sports Science Support for Endurance Athletes

Key performance indicators (KPI) for endurance sports, such as maximal oxygen capacity (VO2max) and maximal anaerobic power, can be measured in the laboratory. However, the Centre for Science and Medicine in Sport and Exercise (CSMSE) is also leading research in the development and delivery of new field testing protocols that go beyond standard laboratory tests to capture important KPIs, such as critical power and critical velocity, in more natural training and/or competitive environments. Consultancy services are currently offered in both traditional laboratory-based and field testing that captures a range of KPIs relevant for endurance athletes. Staff in the CSMSE have strong links with running and cycling clubs throughout the South East of England and have successfully integrated laboratory based aerobic fitness testing and new field testing protocols into training to facilitate real performance improvements in endurance events. Key staff include Bettina Karsten, Fernando Naclerio, Mark Chapman and Mark Colpus.