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Integrated Clinical Academic Internships Success for Professor Swaine

Professor Swaine has been successful in securing significant funding to host the Health Education England/National Institute for Health Research 'Integrated Clinical Academic Internship Programme' for Kent, Surrey and Sussex (2016-17).

The programme aims to encourage individuals within the NHS to pursue a research career, by supporting their participation, and will involve 'clinical research training' from CSMSE academics and 'clinical research experience' from a variety of clinicians within the NHS.

Read more about the programme here:

Public Lecture: The role of science and medicine in sport and exercise, presented by Professor Ian Swaine

Wednesday 11 November 2015

Science and medicine were formally linked to sport by the UK government in policy-making designed to capitalise on London hosting the 2012 Olympic Games. There is a rich history of research innovation in science and medicine in the field of sport and exercise, from carbon fibre bicycles to heart-rate-based training methods, and from drug detection to talent identification. Professor Ian Swaine looks at how these advances are capturing the imagination of the academic world, in relation to sport, loosely defined as high-level competitive activities, and exercise, referring to activities aiming to improve fitness. News article.

New research published

Sport Science experts publish new research in the use of the rate perceived exertion scales in resistance training. Research gate abstract

Ancient maths in cutting-edge sports science

Sport Science academics revive 'Ancient Mathematical Methods, developed by Pappus of Alexandria' to analyse modern-day film of the moving athlete and present their findings at a major conference this week. Dr Mark Colpus and Dr Mark Goss Sampson have been invited to attend the 33rd International Conference on Biomechanics in Sports in Poitiers, France this week, to present their latest research in Modern Performance Technology. News article

Sport Scientist takes research to India

Niall Clark, Senior Lecturer in Sports Science and Coaching, is heading on a 10-week trip to the Indian Super League (ISL), to become FC Pune City's head of sports science. News article

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