Fees and funding


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Fees are subject to the university's Charging and Refund Policy.


Regulated fees for Home students: The University commits to charging fees at a level no higher than the maximum regulated fee rates set by the UK Government and intends to set its fee at that maximum level. The UK Government has confirmed a level of £9,250 for 2021-22, and there is currently no information for the annual level for future years of the course.

The rates above, applicable to continuing and new students who have been assessed by the University as eligible to pay tuition fees at the home fee rate, are subject to ratification at Finance Committee. The university reserves the right to charge for any additional courses or credits and amend the fee due where necessary after you have completed online registration.

  • All full-time fees are based on a standard 120-credit programme of study, unless stated otherwise.
  • For full-time undergraduates, the fees shown are the current annual fee, unless otherwise stated.
  • The part-time fees above only apply to students assessed to pay tuition fees at the Home rate. Part-time students can study towards a maximum of 90 credits in an academic year.
  • All fees above are subject to an annual fee-setting exercise and will rise annually in line with the RPI-X (Retail Price Index excluding mortgage interest payments) subject to the maximum regulated fee rates set by the UK Government. This does not apply to students studying in the Medway School of Pharmacy.
  • For undergraduates at the Medway School of Pharmacy who are paying fees at the home rate, tuition fees are subject to an annual fee-setting exercise and will rise annually by no more than RPI plus 3% except where regulated.
  • A significant number of our undergraduate courses for Home students are charged at the current maximum allowed fee of £9,250. There will be no increase for continuing students if the maximum rate continues at this level. We will only consider an increase to the fee rate for new and continuing students if the Government increases the maximum variable fee rate.
  • We would only consider an increase to the fee rate for continuing students to reflect the increased cost of delivering the programme in subsequent years.
  • Students categorised as studying an equivalent or lower qualification may be charged a higher tuition fee rate than the standard published rates.
  • Students who are assessed as international fee payers undertaking Erasmus+ and Study Abroad are not eligible for a tuition fee reduction and will pay the usual fee rate for their course.

Money advice

We advise students to keep on top of their finances and to plan carefully before joining us. We also offer support and advice wherever we can.