Fees and funding

Employer sponsorship

If you are employed and you are considering a course that will boost your professional skills, your employer may be willing to contribute towards the cost of your studies.

The University of Greenwich offers a range of vocational courses that will bring the best out of you and help you develop professionally. Since many of our courses can be studied part-time, you may be able to continue working alongside your studies.

Sponsorship is also a great option for employers. It allows managers to retain their staff and to benefit instantly from their academic and professional development.

So, whether you are an employee looking to advance your career or an employer looking to bring new skills to the table, the University of Greenwich is an ideal match.

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Where to start

Some organisations have policies for sponsorship or benefits packages that you can consult. Otherwise, you may be able to discuss sponsorship options at an annual appraisal or a progress meeting.

If you want your employer to subsidise your fees, you may need to present a business case that shows how your learning offers a measurable benefit to the company.

You could demonstrate, for example, how your course will meet any learning needs you have set with your manager. You can also show how your learning aligns with goals or key performance indicators you are working towards.

Remember that you might additional help, such as time off to sit exams or to perform other critical tasks outside of your usual study timetable.

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How sponsorship works

Once your place of study is confirmed, if you are being sponsored by your employer/sponsor they will need to provide us with an official letter of sponsorship on company headed paper, confirming the amount of tuition support you will receive, requesting an invoice and providing an official company address, contact and email address. Alternatively, they may provide us with an official purchase order. Your letter of sponsorship/purchase order should be sent to the PAT Team at  PATteam@gre.ac.uk

If you are being part sponsored (e.g. 50%) you will be liable for the remaining balance.

If your employer/sponsor require a purchase order number included on our invoice in order for them to make payment, please ensure the purchase order number is included in the letter of sponsorship.

For international students we accept official financial sponsors, such as National Governments, an international company or an overseas university. However, we reserve the right to decide which organisations we accept.

If you cease to work for your employer/sponsor, are no longer to receive sponsorship, or your sponsor fails to pay, you will become liable for any outstanding tuition fees.

Bank details for payment are included on the invoice your employer/sponsor receive from the University. We do not accept cheque or credit/debit card payments.

Invoice payment term is 30 days, an instalment plan and prompt payment discount is only available to self-paying students and not employer/sponsors.

See 'How to pay your fees' for more details.