Fees and funding

Student council tax

If you study full time, you are personally exempt from Council Tax. However, other factors may affect the amount due for your household.

Council Tax is paid to local councils for the services they provide, such as refuse collection, maintenance and other local services. Students are individually exempt, so you may not have to pay this, depending on your living arrangements.

Halls of residence

University halls of residence are automatically exempt from Council Tax. If you live here, you will not receive Council Tax bills.

Private/council accommodation

You will need to apply for exemption or discount if you are entitled to it (starting from the month in which your course begins).

For this, you need to request a Council Tax exemption letter once you have fully registered and send it to your local council. Some authorities may request further details.

Who you live with

You won't have to pay any Council Tax if everyone in your home is a full-time student.

If you live with another person who is not a full-time student, your household is usually entitled to a 25% discount. If there is more than one non-student in your household, you are not usually eligible for discount.

More information on Council Tax for full-time students.

If you are a part-time student

Part-time students are expected to pay Council Tax. However, you may qualify for a reduction based on your income.The range of benefits, rebates and tax can vary, depending on the circumstances of members of your household. Check with your local authority for details.