Student Services

Student letters

There will be times when you'll need a letter to prove that you're fully registered to a programme at the University of Greenwich.

Letters are available to all you if you are based at one of our three main campuses, are fully registered with no outstanding holds on your account (such as long outstanding DBS and occupational health clearances, outstanding tuition fees, etc) and have all your address details up to date.

If you are interrupted or withdrawn please email the Student Centre with your student ID number (beginning with 00) for additional information.

What letters are available?

The Student Centre provides four standard letters that can be used for the following purposes:

  • Confirmation of Student Status, used as general proof that you are a student
  • Bank, used to support the opening of a student bank account
  • Council Tax, used to support a claim for a reduction in council tax

When are letters available?

Letters are available for registered students for the majority of the year.  However, on 1st August we move into a new academic year and letters will be temporarily unavailable.  This is so we can make updates to our system and templates ahead of registration opening towards the end of the month.

Once registration has started and you have completed your registration in full (including paying any tuition fees due) the student status letters will become available again (usually within 2-3 hours of completing your registration).

Council Tax letters

You will need to meet certain criteria for a letter to support a claim for council tax reduction. Although we are able to provide the supporting letter, whether or not you obtain a reduction in council tax will depend on your individual circumstances.

We will only issue a council tax letter if you are:

  • Studying at one of the three main campuses (Greenwich, Avery Hill and Medway)
  • Fully registered with no outstanding registration requirements
  • Living at a UK address (not including University Halls of Residence)
  • On a full-time programme of study (as determined on your student record)
  • Not studying an Apprenticeship programme (exceptions for programmes that lead to registered status with the NMC may apply)

If you have completed your programme within the last 12 months and would have met the criteria for a council tax letter during your studies, we should still be able to produce a letter for you.

If you completed more than 12 months ago, we recommend you obtain a Letter of Confirmation of Study.

How to request a student letter

You can get a Council Tax Exemption, Bank, or Confirmation of Student Status letter by logging into the Digital Student Centre and clicking on My Documents. You can then select which type of letter you need.

Your letter will be generated and sent to your Greenwich student email. It will also be accessible through the My Documents Button on the Digital Student Centre. Your letters can be printed off at home or at your campus library if you need a hard copy.

Please make sure your address is up to date on the Portal so it shows up correctly on your letters.

If your letter is rejected, it may be due to outstanding holds on your record such as overdue tuition fees, or incomplete registration. If you have any questions, log an enquiry on the Digital Student Centre.

Students studying at a Partner Colleges or in the first year of their UGIC course should speak to their colleges for more advice and guidance about obtaining letters.

Any questions?

If you'd like more information, check out our Digital Student Centre. You can find FAQs or log an enquiry and we'll get back to you.