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Greenwich Governors Initiative

The University is continuing its commitment to helping and serving local communities by developing the Greenwich Governors Initiative.

This year we are looking to increase the number of school governors and develop a staff network where help, support and training can be offered, in a confidential space.

With a shortage of Governors across Kent and the South East, the Education Support Unit are aiming to work directly with schools, colleges, councils and independent organisations to help fill this gap.

Joining the initiative

As the University has three sites across the South East, in London and Kent, this means that there are a vast amount of schools, colleges and academies who would benefit from the expertise and skills that staff at the University have. The Education Support Unit has identified around 200 of these schools and colleges in London and the South East who we have made a long-term commitment to support their needs and requirements. This includes their requirements for additional school governors, meaning potential governance opportunities may be available as part of the Greenwich Governors Initiative within these selected institutions.

We are keen to provide support to all governors from state schools, independent schools, academies, sixth form colleges, further education (FE) colleges and primary schools.

Research has shown that staff who became school governors felt that this had a positive impact on them in relation to developing their transferable skills and expanding their knowledge and practise of governance or leadership of local schools. As well as this, it also supported in their development of management skills which helped to make a positive impact on the school and its local community.

If you are currently a school governor or interested in becoming one, please complete our registration form.

If you are a school, academy trust, or local authority who are seeking additional governor support within your organisation, please do get in touch to let us know of your requirements, so that we can offer our support with these for you.

If you are a current member of the Greenwich Governors Initiative, you can now view our bi-annual newsletters online.

For further information, questions or queries, please contact a member of our team in the Education Support Unit.


Tel: +44 (0)20 8331 9127

There is a Governor Stories video transcript available.