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HE Workshops

Interactive workshops to support students with their preparations for their journey into higher education or future studies

Our experienced Outreach & Educational Partnerships staff and Student Ambassadors can visit our targeted schools and colleges and deliver a range of interactive workshops to students in Years 12 and 13, FE Year 1 and 2, and also to their parents/guardians too.

Our targeted schools and colleges are also able to visit the University of Greenwich and attend these workshops as part of our HE Days.

We also have pre-recorded video versions of our HE Workshops, along with PDF versions of these presentations available for you and your students to download and access. Further information on how to access these can be found on our resources page.

Our workshops normally last an hour including time for question and answer and can be tailored to your requirements.

We offer workshops on the following topics:

HE Workshops: Exploring your post-16 options


This session outlines some of the apprenticeships which are available, who they are for and how to apply to an apprenticeship. With helpful tips on researching, funding and how to write an outstanding cover letter.

Choosing Your Course

With 37,000 + undergraduate courses to choose from, picking the right one can seem overwhelming. This workshop will highlight the range of options available and give practical tips on how students can choose the right type of course and university for them.

Choosing Your Pathway

This interactive workshop will guide students through the options available to them following their Level 3 studies, helping them make informed choices about the future. This session gives an overview of various HE and FE pathways, including: Higher Technical Qualifications (HTQs), Higher National Certificates and Diplomas (HNCs & HNDs), and Apprenticeships.

Opportunities for Careers in Healthcare - Exploring your Options

This session will allow students to explore the courses and pathways available to them if they are looking to enter a career within the healthcare field. With information on how to research successfully, placement opportunities and funding support.

Why Go To University

This talk is particularly useful for students who may not have considered going to university, outlining the reasons for further study and the options open to them.

HE Workshops: UCAS Cycle

How to Apply & Personal Statements

This practical workshop will guide students through the UCAS process, give tips on how to write an effective personal statement, and offer an insight into what universities look for and how they can make themselves stand out.

Student Finance

An overview of the financial support available to students including the latest information on tuition fee loans, maintenance loans, student loan repayment, budgeting and the financial benefits of university.

Creating your Portfolio

Many students applying for a creative course – such as design, architecture, or creative arts – will be required to complete a portfolio to showcase their skills. This workshop will help students: create a coherent structure, decide the range of pieces they will include;  and practice explaining their creative process and potential.

Health Interview Skills

For students who are interested in applying to and studying a health course at university, such as Nursing. This session covers the health interview process at the University of Greenwich and details the key elements students need to know before, during and after a health interview, including some mock interview practice.

Clearing Explained

Clearing is an excellent option for many undergraduate students each year, yet very few fully understand how it works. This workshop explains what clearing is; the annual deadlines; who can apply through clearing and what is needed to apply.

Education Interview Skills

For students who are interested in applying to and studying an education or teaching course at university. This session covers the education interview process at the University of Greenwich and details the key elements students need to know before, during and after an education interview, including some mock interview practice.

HE Workshops: University Life

Money Management while studying

Practical tips to about how to make maintenance loans and personal finances stretch as far as possible while studying. This includes where to find bargains (such as for food and clothes); how to limit academic costs (such as books); and sign-ups/mailing lists available to students and apprentices.

Student Life

An opportunity to hear directly from our Student Ambassadors about a range of topics such as making friends, student accommodation, academic life and budgeting.

University of Greenwich

An introduction to and an overview of the University of Greenwich. This session includes information on our degree options, three campuses, partner colleges, student life, and what some of our alumni have gone on to do.

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