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Continuing Professional Development

We can support teachers and advisors in schools and colleges with your knowledge and development with a range of CPD opportunities.

Working with teachers and other educational professionals within schools and colleges is integral to the success of our work. Teachers and advisers are key partners in raising awareness of University of Greenwich and have a crucial role to play in widening access to university.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner, or just starting out in an advisory role, we offer a range of inspiring and informative continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to support you as you guide your students through their education and into higher education.

Through our sessions and workshops, we aim to provide you with up-to-date information needed to support your students. We will guide you on the first steps of their university applications, through to life beyond the University of Greenwich.

Teachers and Advisers Webinar Series 2020-21

Our webinars are delivered by careers professionals, recruitment officers and subject admission tutors, aiming to equip you with the latest changes to higher education and subject areas. To see our next webinars click here.

Careers Strategy

The Government's Careers Strategy uses the Gatsby Benchmarks to set out a range of requirements that schools and colleges must meet. We have matched all of our activities to these, and through our CPD opportunities we can support you with meeting benchmarks 1 and 2.

Booking information

If you are a teacher or adviser working at a school, college or educational organisation and are interested in our CPD opportunities then please see our next events or get in touch.