Centre for Research and Enterprise in Language


16 & 17 June 2022 - WAASAP 10th Anniversary Conference

Workshop on Aspect and Argument Structure of Adjectives/Adverbs and Participles/Prepositions

WAASAP is an international Workshop series celebrated biannually that focuses on the aspect and argument structure of adjectives, adverbs, participles and prepositions.

16 & 17 June 2022 - Neo-slave Narratives Conference

The conference aims to identify the political, historical, and aesthetic origins of slave narratives whilst also considering how neo-slave narratives re-imagine the slave narrative tradition, its tropes and its form.

24 October 2019 - Discussion Series Conference: Persistent issues in Language Analysis, the individual/stage-level contrast

Venue: Hamilton House, 15 Park Vista, Greenwich, London, SE10 9LZ


9:30-10:20Professor Gennaro Chierchia, Harvard University
How generic are I-Level predicates? Remarks on Magri's 2009 proposal
10:20-11:00Professor Giorgio Magri, French National Centre for Scientific Research
11:00-11:30Coffee break
11:30-12:20Dr María J. Arche, University of Greenwich and
Professor Timothy Stowell, University of California Los Angeles
Dispositional adjectives: characterizing and episodic predication
12:20-13:00Dr Víctor Acedo-Matellán, University of Oxford
13:00-14:00Lunch break
14:00-14:50Dr Matthew Husband, University of Oxford
Decomposing States
14:50-15:30Dr Vera Hohaus, University of Manchester
15:30-16:00Coffee Break
16:00-16:50Professor Molly Diesing, Cornell University
Stage and Individual Level Predicates at the Syntax and Semantics Interface
16:50-17.30Professor Louise Mc Nally, University Pompeu Fabra
17:30-18:00Open Discussion
Where in the grammar does the IL/SL distinction reside?
19:00Dinner at the Old Brewery

3 & 4 October 2019 - Tenselessness 2; Universidade Nova de Lisboa, organised by Centro de Linguística da Universidade de Lisboa (CLUL) & CREL

Keynote Speakers:

  • Professor Martina Wilschko (University of British Columbia & Pompeu Fabra)
  • Professor Judith Tonhauser (The Ohio State University)
  • Professor Antonio Fábregas (University of Tromso)
  • Professor Moiá (University of Lisbon)
  • Dr Anne Mucha, Leibniz-Institute for the German Language, Mannheim

27 June 2019 - Syntax of Tense 2

This is our second discussion day on the Syntax of Tense at Greenwich and this time we count with the very authors of the papers that have influenced the work of so many throughout the years: Professors Tim Stowell (UCLA) and Hamida Demirdache (CNRS-University of Nantes).

1 May 2019 - Launch of the Centre for Research & Enterprise in Language

Listen to speeches situating CREL within the scene of research on language

Professor David Adger Presentation Slides