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Personal tutoring is integral to the student experience at Greenwich. It is supported through guidance and signposting, online workshops and national professional recognition through our UKAT scheme.  This personal tutor hub brings together key information and guidance for personal tutors in one place.

Personal Tutor Symposium 2023

Wednesday 1 November, 9:30am - 4:30pm

The Academic & Learning Enhancement (ALE) Team together with the Student Success Project: Personal Tutoring and Advising are excited to announce our very first Personal Tutoring Symposium at Greenwich.

Hear from a variety of people across the sector

This special symposium is an opportunity to hear from a variety of people across the sector and will include a keynote from Dr David Grey, CEO of UKAT (UK Advising and Tutoring). Our symposium will also include voices from those who provide personal tutoring directly to students and from those leading with strategy and policy here at Greenwich. We will be looking to recognise the impact personal tutoring has on our students and staff at Greenwich, and to consider some of the achievements, challenges, and hopes facing personal tutors, academic advisors, and their students. These three keywords, achievements, challenges, and hopes, will be at the heart of all our discussions.

The 3 themes align with our Student Success Strategy

Our three main themes for this year’s symposium are:

  • Impactful tutoring - How does your tutoring make a difference to students’ academic and professional lives? What are the challenges as well as successes that we as tutors face in providing the support students need? What support do students need? What resources do you use - or need – to make this happen? What are the future directions for personal tutoring at Greenwich - and beyond?
  • Inclusive practice - How does your tutoring practices meet the needs of our diverse student body? What techniques do you employ? How do you work with your tutees/advisees to develop and deliver your tutoring? We would welcome presentations that are co-led with students
  • Collaborative partnerships - How do you navigate the various systems, processes, and policies related to tutoring and advising? What ideas do you have to make our processes better? Do you have examples of good practice working collaboratively between academic and professional services? We would welcome presentations that are co-presented by academic and professional services staff.

Get involved by submitting a proposal

We are looking for lightning talks of up to 10 minutes, including 3 minutes for questions. These are very short presentations on a topic of your choice, speaking to the three keywords and linked to the themes above. We strongly encourage them to be in context of Personal Tutoring at Greenwich and welcome sharing ideas, practice, and expertise in a quick, insightful and easily digestible format.

Proposals for contribution can be submitted by completing our online form here. The closing date is Friday 15th September (midday).

Register for free to attend online or in-person

Our symposium will be held in-person at Hamilton House and will include a free lunch and refreshments. It will also be accessible online.

To register click here.

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