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UKAT Professional Recognition for Personal tutors

Professional Recognition for Personal Tutors 

The university is proud to support personal tutoring and has institutional membership of UKAT (UK Advising and Tutoring Association). This important international organisation is at the forefront of developing personal tutoring practice, literature and research. We are very excited to be part of this important area of HE tutor development, and to be part of this rapidly growing and very enthusiastic group of practitioners and researchers.

UKAT is the only UK organisation to offer professional recognition qualifications for personal tutors. As part of our UKAT institutional membership, we support an annual cohort of personal tutors to gain professional recognition by creating a portfolio of evidence. The university offers this as a fully funded CPD opportunity, which includes personal membership of UKAT and external assessment of the portfolio of evidence. Colleagues who successfully gain a place are part of a cohort which run for 12-15 months with regular group and individual tutorials facilitated by Rachel George, Michael Talbot, Amy Austin and Eve Rapley. A team of Greenwich UKAT award holders also act as UKAT buddies to provide further support and advice.

For more information about UKAT, please visit their website here.

Levels of professional recognition

There are three levels of professional recognition that UKAT award

Recognised Practitioner in Advising (RPA)

Aimed at front-line personal tutors and academic advisors, this level of recognition demonstrates individual understanding and application of a broad range of effective approaches in delivering high-quality personal tutoring/advising and support for student success.

Recognised Senior Advisor (RSA)

Recognition at this level demonstrates sustained effectiveness in student support through the organisation, leadership, or management of personal tutoring/academic advising. It is aimed at those with departmental or institutional responsibilities for leading and developing others in the implementation and delivery of effective personal tutoring/academic advising practices.

Recognised Leader in Advising (RLA)

Recognises a sustained record of impact on student success at a strategic level through the coordination and provision of personal tutoring/academic advising.  It is aimed at highly experienced tutors/advisors who can demonstrate impact at an institutional, national or international level

For more information about the levels of professional recognition and UKAT standards, please visit the UKAT website here

UKAT professional award holders at University of Greenwich 

Recognised Senior Adviser (RSA):

  • Ronald Gibson (School of Business, Operations & Strategy)
  • Charlotte Stoner (School of Human Sciences)

Recognised Practitioner in Advising (RPA):

  • Amy Austin (School of Engineering)
  • Nevin Bayoumi-Stefanovic (School of Business, Operations & Strategy)
  • Julie Mundair (School of Management & Marketing)
  • Michael Talbot (School of Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Michael Wynn-Williams (School of Business, Operations & Strategy)
  • Sammi Taylor (School of Science)
  • Charlotte Pilbeam-Bailey (School of Science)
  • Theresa Frostick (School of Health Sciences)
  • Fiona Wheeler (School of Management & Marketing)
  • Katherine Leopold (School of Accounting, Finance & Economics)
  • Mohammad Sakikhales (School of Engineering)
  • Julie Watkins (School of Design)
  • Denise Miller (School of Human Sciences)
  • Syed Asad Hussain (University of Greenwich International College)

How to apply

Applications to join cohort 3 for this academic year (2023-24) have now closed. The application form will be open for next academic year's cohort  4 (2023-24) this coming autumn.

To enrol onto the UKAT Personal Tutoring scheme will require approval from your line manager and complete a short written application.

Anyone interested is strongly encouraged to attend one of the Personal Tutor: UKAT information sessions to find out more, which can be booked onto via horizon (Please remember to download the calendar invite to get the Teams link) and to read the information provided on the official UKAT website here.

For further information about personal tutoring at Greenwich, please contact our team via UKAT@gre.ac.uk