Collecting your student card

Once you have completed online registration and your documents have been confirmed by university staff, you can collect your student ID card.

Your student ID card is called a Greenwich Gateway Card. This allows you to do the following:

  • Identify yourself on campus
  • Access buildings, including libraries
  • Lend books
  • Print, scan and copy documents
  • Sit exams
  • Obtain letters or transcripts from the Student Centre
  • Monitor your attendance

You should always be prepared to show a member of staff your ID card when asked and should never give your card to another student or friend.

New on-campus students

You should only attempt to collect your Greenwich Gateway if you have completed the online registration and document checks in full.  There might be more than one opportunity to collect your card, so only need to attend one slot to get your card.

If you come to collect your ID card and either your online registration or document checks are outstanding you will not be able to have your card issued.

To collect your ID card you must:

  • Have completed your Online Registration
  • Sent the copies of your qualifications to documentchecks@gre.ac.uk
  • Visit the campus Registration zone (start at the Welcome zone if you are unsure where to go)
  • Bring your Student ID number (this usually starts with "000" or "001")
  • Bring your the original form of ID mentioned on our document checks webpage
  • Bring your visa is you need one to study or live in the UK (a scan of this will need to be taken)
  • Bring a recent share code if you need one to study or live in the UK

You do not need to collect your ID card on your very first day on campus, there will be opportunities over the first couple of weeks.

You can upload a photograph during online registration, or we can take one when you visit us. Please check your student emails regularly for updates.

New on-campus students need to collect their ID card by the registration deadline.

New on-campus students - Card collection times

Student ID Cards can be collected during the times below.

Students should visit their campus Student Centre only if they are fully registered and must bring their form of ID used during the Document Checks stage.

If you are an international student who requires a student visa to study and your BRP has been sent to the university, you will only be able to collect this from the campus where due to be studying.

Until 12th September 2022

Students are able to visit the Student Centre between 10:00 and 16:00* to collect your Greenwich Gateway.

*Queues may be closed before the time shown if the number of visitors exceed the capacity of the building or if the queue is expected to take until the closing time to process all students.

(Dreadnought Building)
Avery Hill
(Southwood House)
(Blake Building)
MondayAny Greenwich based studentAny Avery Hill based StudentAny Medway based Student
TuesdayAny Greenwich based studentAny Avery Hill based StudentAny Medway based Student
WednesdayAny Greenwich based studentAny Avery Hill based StudentAny Medway based Student
ThursdayAny Greenwich based studentAny Avery Hill based StudentAny Medway based Student
FridayAny Greenwich based studentAny Avery Hill based StudentAny Medway based Student

New on-campus students - What to bring to collect my card

To collect your Greenwich Gateway card, you need to visit the university with your Student ID number (e.g. 00XXXXXXX) and the appropriate form of identification listed below.

Students on Initial Teacher Training (ITT) programmes and Degree Apprenticeships will also need to bring their qualifications so they can be scanned and attached to their profile.

The identification document needs to be valid and in date to be accepted.  If there is a need to update your name you will also need to bring the original evidence (e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll etc.) for the university to process the change.

The acceptable forms of identity that we will accept is as follows (out of date or expired documents cannot be used):

Student TypeAcceptable forms of Identity
UK Resident (British national and born in the UK)

Current, valid and in date passport or

UK driving licence (where it shows you were born in the UK or one of the four home nations) or

Original UK birth certificate

UK Resident (British national not born in the UK)Current, valid and in date passport or

UK driving licence with original certificate of naturalisation (where all details on the documents match)
UK Resident (born outside the UK or non-British national)

Current, valid and in date passport or "Travel Document"


Relevant immigration document (e.g. indefinite leave to remain BRP)

EU or EEA National

Current, valid and in date passport

plus one of the following:

Evidence of Settled or Pre-Settled Status to the EU Settlement Scheme (e.g. share codeor

Relevant immigration documents (e.g. stamped entry visa, current visa, BRP or share code)

Please Note: If you are using a share code, this needs to be generated before you visit the university to complete your checks, but only last for 30 days.  Letters confirming application for Settled or Pre-Settled Status cannot be used

International student (non-EU and student visa holder)

Current, valid and in date passport


Relevant immigration document (e.g. stamped entry visa, current visa or BRP)

Please Note: If you have entered the UK using the eGates at the ports you will also need to provide additional information, such as your boarding pass and tickets.

New Partner and Network College students

We need a suitable photograph in order to produce your student Greenwich Gateway Card.

You can upload an image during online registration or email StudentCentre@gre.ac.uk with your full name, student ID number and your image saved as your ID number (000xxxxxx).

Once these steps are completed, your student ID card is sent to your college for collection.

Students from Partner or Network Colleges should not visit the main campuses to collect their card unless it has been prearranged as part of a formal visit and the card collection has been approved with the Student Centre team.

New distance-learning students

If you are studying one of our courses by distance learning, we will send your Greenwich Gateway card to you. You must have completed the following:

  • Completed online registration
  • Provided a UK address during Online Registration (we do not send ID card outside of mainland UK)
  • Provided a suitable photo during online registration or by email to StudentCentre@gre.ac.uk
  • Supplied ID and qualification for your document checks

Student ID cards will be requested once per week for all registered students who have provided the university with a photo.  These cards are produced and then posted to the UK address provided, and should be with you in 5-10 working days after being requested.

Continuing students

Your Greenwich Gateway card is issued for the duration of your course. However, to keep access to university services, you must complete online registration each year.  If this is not completed by the registration deadline the university will deactivate your student record which will stop your IT access and your ID card from working.

If you have returned after an interruption to your studies or need your card extended because you are repeating part of your course, please the Student Centre can re-issue a new card.

If you are an on-campus student you will need to visit the Student Centre in person for a replacement ID card.  If you are a distance learner or studying at a partner college please email StudentCentre@gre.ac.uk.

Replacing a lost ID card

If you have lost or misplaced your ID card the University of Greenwich's Student Centre will be able to help you get a replacement.

Every student is given one card when they first register and the chance of one replacement free of charge.  If you lose your card for a second time and need a third card (or more) then we will charge you £10 per card.

If you need to pay for a replacement this needs to be completed online through the University of Greenwich Online Store. We are unable to take cash or card payments at the Student Centre and cannot accept BACs or bank transfers for replacement ID cards.

When we replace a card, your old card will be automatically deactivated and wont be able to be used again.  This means if you later find the lost card we cannot issue a refund for any cards that we might have charged for.

There are some circumstances where will are able to replace an ID card free of charge.  These include a legal name change, change of gender, stolen and a crime reference number can be provided or your appearance has significantly changed and the photo doesn't look like you any more.

If you are not sure if you might be able to get a free replacement you must speak to the Student Centre before making a payment on the online store.

Student ID image guidelines

We require a recent image similar to a passport photograph. Images need to be:

  • A good likeness
  • A head and shoulders (where your face covers most of the image)
  • Against a plain background
  • Well lit so your features can be seen
  • Just you (no additional people, pets, or objects)
  • Clear, not blurred
  • Free from any image filters or stickers
  • Free from any offensive content or language

If you want to smile you are welcome to do so, we are looking for picture similar to a passport photo which gives us some flexibility in what we can accept.

The photograph must show the following.

  • A full face looking straight at the camera, without head covering unless worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons
  • Your eyes open and clearly visible (with no sunglasses or heavily tinted glasses, and no hair across your eyes)
  • No reflection on your spectacles. Frames should not cover your eyes.

If you are sending a photo to us by email, the file must:

  • Match requirements above
  • Be in a .jpg format (other formats cannot be used)
  • The preferred file name should be the Student ID number (the 000 or 00 number)
  • The email you send us must include your Student ID number and full name in the subject heading and body of the email to be used.