Your Studies

Information for current students regarding your studies

During your studies at the University of Greenwich, you may find you have some queries and questions. Although the Student Centre may not directly deal with these, we have collated some information for you on this page to help you find the answers you are looking for, or find the person who can best advise you.

Finding your timetable

Timetables may be subject to change, please check your timetable daily in the first 4 weeks of term and regularly thereafter.

Programme and Module timetables for the academic year are displayed here:

You can access this from the 'Teaching timetable' link on the My Learning tab of the portal.

Your personal timetable on the 'My Timetable' tab will be available when you have completed online registration and have been allocated to the individual group teaching activities you are required to attend.

A guide to your timetable can be found here

Reading your timetable

A guide to your timetable can be found here

We also have a building key to help you understand which buildings the letters on your timetable correspond to.

Have a problem with your timetable?

If you have any issues or queries with your timetable, you will need to get in touch with your programme leader/faculty office

Changing your forename(s) or surnames

When you first register with the university the name entered on your student record is checked against the form of ID presented (e.g. a passport) and, if necessary, is updated to match the document to correct any spelling errors or include missing names (e.g. middle names).

If you change your name during your studies you should let the university know as soon as possible otherwise when it comes to issuing your certificates and transcripts we could end up printing them with the wrong name and may not be able to change it after your award has been given.

To change your name you need to visit the Student Centre.  They will need to see a suitable copy of evidence detailing the name change (passport, marriage cert, deedpoll etc.) and your student ID number.  In most cases the team will update your record, attach a scan copy of the document to your record and issue a new Greenwich Gateway card.

In the rare occasion the team are unable to update your record this will be explained, but this is usually because you have officially completed your studies.  If you have any questions about this please contact the Student Centre.

Changing your preferred name

To change or update your preferred name, please visit the Student Centre and your record will be updated.  You do not have to provide any evidence for this to be completed, however the names recorded as your forename(s) or surname can only be updated with suitable evidence.

Having a preferred name on your record should show on certain university systems, but will not appear on your Greenwich Gateway card or official documents from the university, such as student letters, transcripts or degree certificates.

Changing your prefix (Miss, Ms, Mrs, Mr, Mx etc.)

To change or update your preferred prefix, please contact the Student Centre and your record will be updated.  You do not have to provide any evidence for this to be completed.

If you have also changed your name, you can ask a member of the team to update your record at the same time, but this may require suitable evidence to be provided.  More information about changing names is provided on this page.

Changing your address

It is your responsibility to keep your contact details up to date on the student record system. This is important as it is printed on student letters, it is where your final certificate and transcript is posted, and (if applicable) it is a requirement of your student visa. To see and amend the details held on the system please:

  • Go to the Student Portal
  • Click the "Student Records" link at the top of the page
  • Click "Personal Information"
  • Click "View / Update Address(es) and Telephone Number(s)"
  • Select the address you want to change
  • Select "Edit/Delete"
  • Add your new address and leave the "Phone Number" box blank
  • Click "Submit"

Enrolling in optional modules

If you are studying an undergraduate degree, in mid-February of each year you will be asked to select any optional modules for the following year. If this is relevant to you, your programme team will notify you when the online Module Option Choice Selection System will be open to you to make your choices. A guide on how you can make your early module option choices is here. You will be able to revisit and amend your optional module choices until the Selection System closes for the year.

Requesting to change an optional module

Apart from during mid-February when the Module Option Choice Selection System is open, any changes to an optional module of study can only be made by your Programme Leader. The University's Module Change Form will need to be completed and submitted by the Programme Leader of your course.

Requesting to change your programme of study

Changing your programme of study can have implications for your tuition fees, your student support, and your visa (if applicable). Please make sure you have checked the relevant pages and guidance on these before making your decision. To request to change your programme of study, you will need the approval of both your current Programme Leader and the Programme Leader of the programme you wish to transfer to (these can be found on the undergraduate and postgraduate course pages). The University's Programme Change Form will need to be completed and submitted by these parties.

Interrupting or withdrawing from your studies

If you are considering interrupting  or withdrawing from you studies, please see our relevant pages for more information.