Information about business risk management at the University of Greenwich and guidance for staff, students and visitors on the university's Health & Safety risk management activities.

View guidance on the university's Health & Safety risk management activities.

The University of Greenwich is committed, as part of its remit to ensure effective governance, to developing and maintaining an effective approach to risk management.  All staff at the university, both academic and non-academic, can benefit from an organised and structured approach to their activities in which the extent of business risk is properly evaluated.

Risk management involves a planned, systematic approach to identification, evaluation and
control of financial, administrative, commercial and reputational risks, whether internal or external, which might occur in the performance of business (including academic) activities.

Risk management is an aid to decision-making.  The process should not be onerous, and should result in a better understanding of the context in which activities are carried out, the potential risks inherent in those activities, and an understanding of how those risks can be better managed.

Risk management needs to be embedded in the university's everyday operations.  By taking a systematic approach to risk management we can be assured that we work in a more effective and efficient manner.