About the university

Executive Committees

The University’s executive committees are headed by the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive (VCE).

The role of VCE is to advise the Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer on their functions and responsibilities as the University’s chief executive. This includes advising the Vice-Chancellor on the development, review and implementation of the University’s strategy and the operational management of the University.

Further details are in the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive’s terms of reference and membership.

VCE has a number of sub-committees which support it in its work. These include committees responsible for Health, Safety, Sustainability and Wellbeing; Estates; People; Information Technology Management; Equality, Diversity and Inclusion; Capital Programmes; Fees and Financial Support; UKVI Assurance; and the oversight of implementation of the Strategy Programme for the University’s strategy to 2030, This is Our Time. The University’s executive and academic committees are summarised in our committee structure charts.

VCE and all of its committees operate according to the Standing Orders for academic and executive committees.

Sub-committees of Vice-Chancellor’s Executive

In addition, the Vice-Chancellor has created the following advisory committees: