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Legal Services Office at the University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich has an in-house Legal Services Office run by Daniel Scannell, the University’s General Counsel.  The service offers legal advice and support across a range of core activities, and coordinates and oversees work undertaken by external law firms.

The Legal Services Office complements and works alongside existing centres of expertise within the University. Requests for help in the following areas should in the first instance be directed to the relevant team, who will refer the matter on for assistance from the Legal Services Office, if required.

Type of matter


Student matters

Student and Academic Services Directorate

Staff matters

People Directorate

Alumni and fundraising

Alumni and Development

Purchasing of goods and services

Procurement and Business Services

Conferences and events

Catering and Conferences

Financial regulations

Finance Directorate

Data protection and Freedom of Information

Information Compliance

Research contracts and queries

Greenwich Research and Enterprise

Commercialisation and knowledge exchange

Greenwich Research and Enterprise


Greenwich Research and Enterprise

International queries (e.g. agency questions)

International Office

Insurance queries

Insurance team

Property questions

Estates & Facilities Directorate

Please note that the Legal Services Office is not in a position to advise individuals on personal legal matters, particularly where these relate to University policy or procedure. Such matters should be directed to HR or Student and Academic Services.

Service levels

Please engage with the Legal Services Office as early as possible, so that your work can be managed and prioritised efficiently.

The Legal Services Office will aim to acknowledge your query within 48 hours of receipt.

If the request for advice is not able to be managed in-house, or if there is insufficient in-house capacity to deal with your request, it will be briefed to an external advisor within a further 48 hours.

Please be aware that, in busy periods, it may take up to 10 working days before your query can be worked on.  Complex queries, such as lengthy or high risk contracts, may require a further 5 working days to return to you or to the counterparty.

If you require a more urgent response, the Legal Services Office may request a budget code, so that the matter can be referred to an external law firm for earlier completion.

Use of external lawyers

Any engagement of external lawyers must be coordinated through the Legal Services Office.  We will use our experience of firms and counsel within the legal sector to ensure that the project obtains best value for the legal advice required.  We will identify and assist you to brief experienced lawyers, obtain fee proposals, coordinate the provision of advice, and deal with any cost control issues.


It can be distressing when a dispute arises between the University and third parties.  Please contact the Legal Services Office as soon as you become aware that any individual or organisation may be considering a legal claim against or involving the University.  We can either advise you how to respond or, when appropriate, take the matter on.

If you receive formal notice of any legal action against the University, such as service of a court claim form, you must provide this to the Legal Services Office without delay.