Emergency Assistance

If already downloaded, the quickest way to receive emergency assistance whilst on campus is by using  SafeZone We encourage all staff and students to download, and use, the app because it puts you in touch with the onsite first aiders, security or emergency response teams more quickly, when needed. 

Alternatively security can be contacted by calling the Campus Emergency Contact numbers:

Avery Hill
020 8294 0362

East Gate 020 8331 7695
Cooper Building 020 8331 7629 (contact East Gate out of hours)
Hamilton House 020 8331 7574 (contact East Gate out of hours)
Stockwell Street 020 8331 8429

01634 883333

020 8331 7576


Emergency Response Plan

When the University is impacted or threatened by an emergency, important decisions must be made as quickly as possible. This plan intends to outline the overall approach of the Emergency Response Group (ERG), providing a framework within which the response to an emergency can be managed. 

The plan is comprised of the following elements:

  • ERG Process Flow:  outlining the key management action points
  • Part 1: The Plan; Details the purpose and remit of the ERG and the process to be followed in the event of an emergency
  • Part 2: Individual action plans for ERG members
  • Part 3: Contact List (Restricted document. Please contact the Safety Unit if you require access)
  • Part 4: Appendices; Accompanying documents to enable the Secretariat to support the ERG during an emergency.