Your email has moved to Outlook: Update your details to log in


The Student Email Project has moved your email from Gmail to Outlook Online. You need to follow these steps to connect to our systems and access your new mailbox.

We have switched the Gmail mailboxes of our continuing students* to Outlook Online as a part of the Student Email Project, so that we now have a single platform for everything in Microsoft 365 with far better integration.

Your emails are now directed to your new Outlook mailbox and will no longer appear in your old Gmail account. Your email address has not changed.

We have already shared the actions you can take before the switch to make it smoother for you, including moving your Google Drive data to OneDrive to save your files.

Check your security settings

You will now be prompted to update your security preferences and login details before you can access our systems.

You will need to log in to our systems, including Outlook, using your shortform email address: and your existing password.

Your username is usually in the format ab1234c and can be found on your Greenwich Gateway ID Card.

You can use these instructions to securely access our systems. We will only ask you to change your password twice a year, although you can reset it at any time.

Accessing your Outlook mailbox

To access your new Outlook mailbox, you can choose to either install the Outlook App for free on your personal device, or access Outlook on the web via a browser.

You can install the Outlook app for free on up to ten personal devices, five PCs or Laptops and five mobile devices.

There are two ways to access the web-based version of Outlook:

  • Click on Email from the Quick Links menu at the top of the Portal
  • Access Microsoft Outlook through the Microsoft 365 portal at

Remember, Outlook and other university systems will now use your email address, unlike Gmail which required Don’t forget to use the shortform email to login.

IT Service Desk support for you

We recognise this is a significant change for all students, especially for placement students, those at our partner colleges and overseas collaboration students, as well as those working or on study breaks, so our IT Service Desk team are available with extra support for you.

The IT Service Desk opening hours are 9am - 5pm BST (excluding university closures).

Email the team here, or contact them by:

Phone: +44 208 331 7555

Online support form

Final year students will continue to use Gmail

If you are completing your studies or leaving before 1st September 2021, you will continue to use Gmail until your account is deactivated at the end of your studies.

You can find out more about your access to university services and the support that is available after completing your programme on our Completing your studies page. You can also see information about our plans for graduations on our webpages.

* If you are continuing to study with us on or after the 1st Sept 2021 you are a Continuing Student, so your email has moved to Outlook.

Find out more

You can find all of the project information on our Student Email Project webpage, including important updates and answers to your questions in one place. If you have any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk.