Awards ceremonies

Booking tickets online for your Awards Ceremony

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To be eligible to attend the university's Awards Ceremonies you must have:

  1. Successfully completed your programme of study
  2. Have no outstanding tuition fees at the University of Greenwich. (If you have tuiton fees outstanding please contact our Student Finance team for advice and further information)
  3. Registered your attendance and booked your guest tickets by the published deadline

Please note that your place is not automatically guaranteed unless you have met the above criteria. 

Although successful graduates are entitled to attend an Awards Ceremony, the university would like to encourage those graduates who have decided to progress to the next level of study, e.g. HND/Foundation to Degree, to delay their attendance and collect the higher level of award.

It is our policy to allow graduates to attend a university Awards Ceremony up to two years after they have completed their studies, and graduates wishing to attend should either contact the Awards Ceremony Office helpline on 020 8331 8772, or e-mail by the published deadline.

How many guests can I bring and are children allowed?

You can apply for a maximum of two guest tickets and we hope to issue all tickets as requested. Each ticket holder is allowed entrance to the ceremony, and to the reception where refreshments will be served.

If any extra tickets become available, you will be notified by e-mail of the procedure for applying for these before your ceremony.

Although children are welcome on site for graduation celebrations, it is the university's policy not to admit children under the age of five into the ceremony venue itself.

Degree ceremonies are quite long (about an hour and a quarter, further extended by the time sitting in the venue before the ceremony starts) and are not designed to appeal to young children. We find that even well-behaved children find it difficult to cope with this and to remain quiet throughout the ceremony.

Please note that we are not able to provide any childcare facilities on the day and that a parent, guardian or family member must remain with children at all times.

All children aged 5 and over must be accompanied by an adult guest and have a seated ticket.

Booking Tickets

Graduation invitation emails will be sent to all eligible students with detailed instructions on how to register your attendance via the University Store. You will not need to access the Student Portal to register your attendance.

You will not be able to register your attendance until you have received your invitation email.

Cancellations & Refunds

If you can no longer attend a ceremony or you would like to cancel any purchased guest tickets please email the Awards Team to inform us of your change of plans three weeks before your ceremony. As long as you inform us in advance of your non-attendance or cancellation of guest tickets you will be eligible for a full refund of any guest tickets purchased. Please remember to include your student ID number on all correspondence.

If you have been informed by the Progression and Award Board that you have not completed your programme of study any guest tickets purchased will be refunded after the ceremony date by our Awards Team. If you or your guests have their application for a visa to attend the ceremonies refused by UKVI, then please provide the Awards Team with proof of this refusal, and we will provide a full refund for any guest tickets purchased. Please note that refunds can take up to 6 weeks to process.

If we have to refund for guest tickets purchased from outside the UK, we are not responsible for any charges incurred in the subsequent refund transaction, and your final refund amount may be substantially lower than the initial ticket purchase price.

Should the request for guest tickets exceed the capacity of the venue, the university reserves the right to return unsuccessful applications.

If the Awards Ceremony cannot take place, or is delayed or postponed, or the ceremony time needs to change due to circumstances beyond the control of the University of Greenwich, including (without limitation) fire, explosion, terrorist act (or threat of terrorist act), act of God, pandemic, national mourning (any member of the royal family), student registration exceeds our capacities or as a result of any industrial action or dispute involving the University of Greenwich, or the venue at which the Awards Ceremony is due to be held, the University of Greenwich will refund the Awards Ceremony ticket price, but will otherwise not be liable for any losses direct or otherwise incurred by the graduands or their guests.

Payment of cancellation refunds

Payments made to students are processed by Direct Bank Transfer, BACS. In order for your payment to be made directly to your nominated bank account you must enter your bank details directly onto the student portal under the My Learning tab.

It is your responsibility to keep your bank details up to date. Failure to enter or update bank details will result in your payment being delayed or not issued. We do not make payments to third party accounts.

Academic Appeals Procedures

If you have grounds for appeal against a decision of the Progression & Award Board, your right to have your appeal heard is not forfeited because you have attended an Awards Ceremony, provided that your appeal is submitted within the time laid down in the Academic Appeal Regulations.

Data Protection

The university formally celebrates the success of its graduates at public Awards Ceremonies. The administration of the ceremonies involves the organisation and processing of personal data of large numbers of people, both internal and external to the university.

Personal data is processed prior to the ceremony, on the ceremony day and, to a limited extent, following the ceremony. This includes the marketing of the ceremony to the students and the receipt of data from the students regarding attendance and ticket requirements.

On the day of the ceremony, the on-line programme will list the names and the Faculties of all graduates attending the ceremony. Degree classifications are not published.

Graduates should be aware that:

  • At the ceremonies, names will be announced without classification and each ceremony will be recorded.
  • The publication of personal data in Awards Ceremony programmes, Recordings and, if applicable, on the Internet is regarded as a public task of the university. By participating in this public event, graduates understand that their name and image will be publicly available within the context of the ceremony.
  • University staff will not disclose any details about an individual graduate, including time or date of ceremony, to any third party, nor will university staff process any requests for awards ceremony tickets from a third party. The student should make all requests for guest tickets.
  • In the case of virtual online ceremonies graduate names will be shared with our video streaming and production service provider for the purposes of ceremony organisation.
  • Where it is intended to use photographs of individual graduates to advertise future Awards Ceremonies, consent will be obtained. However, for general crowd shots of people at a public event such as an Award Ceremony, the consent of individuals will not be sought.

Contact the Awards Ceremony Office

Awards Ceremonies Hotline Tel: 020 8331 8772 

E-mail enquiries to the Awards Ceremony Office should be addressed to